FAQ › How to Use the Albums?

What Is the Best Way to Listen?

There is no one “best” way that will work for everyone - it’s a matter of personal choice and finding a method which will fit your lifestyle. However, we do offer 3 main guidelines and ways to listen:

Can I Listen to Multiple Albums at Once?

You certainly can, but if you’re new to this we recommend that you stick to using up to two albums a day, simply because that way you will be more focused on the issue you are working on.

If you use several albums which target one broader area, you definitely can listen to multiple albums at once and get a synergy effect and listen to a few in a row on a loop as you work, for example.

How Many Tracks Do Your Albums Have?

Each album has 3 tracks: one with affirmations in present tense, one with affirmations in future tense and one containing what we call natural affirmations.

How Long Does Each Track/Album Last?

Each track lasts about 5 minutes so the total length of an album is about 15 minutes. However, you can choose to listen to only one or two tracks at once or play them in a loop.

Can I Play the Albums While I Sleep?

Yes, you absolutely can. Our subconscious is receptive while we sleep and our conscious blockages are then off, so the messages will sink in easily - just play them on a loop (perhaps put on headphones if you’re sharing the room with someone).

Can Anyone Use Them?

Yes. Positive affirmations are perfectly safe for anyone to use. As long as you don’t have hearing problems, you will benefit from them.

Do I Need to Speak English?

Our affirmations are all recorded in English so you need to at least understand English very well in order for them to affect you. See the scripts for each album (they are at the bottom of each album page), and if you can understand them - they can help you.

Is It Safe to Listen?

It absolutely is. We only use positive suggestions which are safe for use by adults and children alike.

However please refrain from listening while driving or doing something that requires your full attention (like operating machinery).

What Should I Expect?

Well everyone is different, and different albums affect your mind in a different way. The common things that some people experience straight away and some after a few sessions are the feelings of being energized, focused, clear in mind or highly motivated.

There is a possibility that you may experience some resistance and/or negativity. This usually happens if the gap between your current and desired beliefs is bigger than you thought, so in that case we recommend that you change the track and start with Future tense affirmations, or to choose another album which deals with an issue which is perhaps less obvious but which needs to be fixed first (for example, if you have confidence issues you may first want to work with our Self Esteem album before moving to elevating the level of general confidence).