Learn Irish (Gaelic) Affirmations

Maximize your ability to learn Gaelic using this mind-enhancing affirmations recording.

Learn Irish (Gaelic) Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you trying to learn Gaelic and struggling a bit?
  • Are you finding it difficult to recall words or grammar correctly?
  • Do you need help with taking it to the next level?
  • Are you serious about learning Gaelic and really committed to it?

Some people learn foreign languages like crazy – they absorb them so naturally that it seems like nothing. And to them, it is nothing – not because they're some kind of superhero, but because they possess a certain set of character traits that make learning languages easy.

If you've been struggling to learn Gaelic it's quite possible that you either lack motivation or that you've developed some kind of resistance towards it and that's preventing you from absorbing it the way you could.

These affirmations will help you overcome these obstacles and learn Gaelic efficiently and painlessly, faster than you'd normally be able to.

What to Expect

This album will:

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There's no need to struggle – download this album and make learning Gaelic the fun and enjoyable experience you hoped it would be!

Present Tense

  • I am quickly learning Gaelic
  • I am a Gaelic speaker
  • My mind is focused on learning the Gaelic language
  • I memorize Gaelic words easily
  • I practice speaking Gaelic regularly
  • My brain stores Gaelic words efficiently
  • My mind is relaxed and open to Gaelic language
  • I am extremely motivated to learn Gaelic
  • I understand Gaelic perfectly
  • My mind is perfectly focused for learning

Future Tense

  • I will learn Gaelic
  • I will become a fluent Gaelic speaker
  • I am finding it easier and easier to understand Gaelic
  • Language learning is becoming one of my strengths
  • I am developing a passion for Gaelic
  • My Gaelic is getting stronger
  • I will have fun learning Gaelic
  • The Gaelic language is becoming a natural part of my mind
  • I will effortlessly speak Gaelic
  • I will practice consistently

Natural Tense

  • Speaking Gaelic feels natural
  • I enjoy studying Gaelic
  • I love the Gaelic language
  • I can learn Gaelic easily
  • Learning languages is easy for me
  • I effortlessly pick up on new Gaelic words
  • Speaking Gaelic is just a normal part of who I am
  • My mind is naturally wired for speaking Gaelic
  • Gaelic feels as though it’s my mother tongue
  • I have a natural drive for learning