Get the LOVE factor and become irresistible!

We’ve all heard about the X factor, the one that can turn your life around over night and bring instant success or fame. But what about the LOVE factor, the one that makes some people so appealing to the opposite sex that they’re never single, alone and miserable?

You know some people have it, you’ve met a few, but could you pinpoint what it is that makes them so irresistible? Sounds like a tough question, but let’s see if we can find the answer.

Ordinary people

Usually there’s nothing special about them. Most often such people are surprisingly ordinary, no supermodel looks, no genius brains, their careers and social status are also not impressive...but they always have that one thing we envy them for. They’re never alone. Their significant others seem to be way out of their league, but are totally smitten with them, and you just can’t help but wonder:

Why can’t this be me?

Well, for one because you’re asking yourself this very question.

There is no reason in the world for you to think that finding the right person is a wild goose chase and that you’re undeserving of love and attention.

However, this can mean two things: that you still haven’t discovered how amazing you are, and that you’re preventing yourself from experiencing love, probably because you’re afraid of getting hurt. But, if you REALLY want to be that person, here’s what you should do to unlock that potential:

Fall in love!

“Fall in love? Seriously?! Are you kidding me?!”

Although these were your first thoughts, yup, no kidding here - you gotta fall in love!

Fall in love with yourself!

Of all the loves in this world, loving yourself is the best. Hug yourself whenever you have the chance and tell yourself “I love you!”. This is not only going to help your self-esteem but it will make you laugh every single time. It will also help you accept yourself and love yourself more.

How you can do it?

Even though you might think there aren’t many reasons to love yourself, think again! You’re one of a kind, you are kind, compassionate, funny, trustworthy….feel free to add to the list. See? These qualities sound like some pretty good reasons you might fall in love with someone, so why not start from yourself?!

If you’re still unconvinced, this is what you need to do:

Uncover your hidden potentials!

It is said that Cleopatra was not as nearly as beautiful as she was fatal for men. That means she didn’t rely on her looks but her personality to win them over. Put your best characteristics forward and see how all of a sudden you’re receiving much more attention from the opposite sex than before.

And what could be your winning card?

What people are mostly attracted to is the attitude, the way we sit, eat, walk and talk. Work on these. You can do it in a restaurant, or at the office, at the gym, grocery store... anywhere.

For example, sit in a cafe, somewhere close to a window or a mirror where you can observe yourself. Watch how you look when you pick the glass to your lips, how you sit, are you upright or slouching… Find the posture and pose that you feel comfortable and confident in. Practice conversations with people. Choose topics you’re knowledgeable about. Tell jokes you’d like to hear.

What it all comes down to?

It’s the overall impression that makes you attractive - you being you is the ultimate LOVE factor. Laugh, find pleasure in your everyday life - in the ride or walk to work, the chirruping of birds, the music you play before going to bed or getting up in the morning.

Cook a good meal, treat yourself, go shopping, dancing, running -in a nutshell - live your life!

Don’t overthink, don’t overanalyze and most importantly, don’t take yourself so seriously.

As simple as all of this sounds, it takes time for most people to learn that indeed things can be simple.

If you’ve found some of this inspiring we’d like to hear from you. Tell us in the comments what you think the LOVE factor is for you and share your story to help others find it too.