How to Tap Into Your Personal Power

For many of us, the concept of personal power might sound a bit vague; like a philosophical conundrum that we can debate for hours without ever reaching a conclusion. However, if we choose to embrace our inner potential, good things will most certainly happen. But first, what does it mean to have personal power?

What does personal power mean to you?

For some, it is an inner fire that burns away every obstacle, leaving a clear path toward greatness. Others think of it as innate abilities that we can discover, explore and grow.

Regardless of how you choose to interpret it, your personal power is the most valuable resource that, if unleashed, can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary journey.

So, the first step of the process is to understand what personal power means to you. Is it a certain skill or ability that you can improve? Is it that boost of motivation and inspiration that makes you unstoppable?

No matter what you choose to call it, make sure you embark on this journey knowing what personal power means to you.

Focus on the most important person in your life

In case you don’t know who that is, find the closest mirror and take a good look at it. Yes, it’s you! You should be your number one priority.

Occasionally, we tend to get tangled in other people’s drama and we forget to take care of our problems. How can we find our personal power, if we’re too busy rescuing others!?

The reason why we find it difficult to put ourselves first, is that we interpret it as an act of selfishness. But focusing on yourself with the purpose of growing (mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) does not equal turning your back on others. It is simply an act of self-care that takes you one step closer to a better version of yourself.

Once you’ve unlocked your personal power, you can then use it not only to help yourself but also to help others without feeling left behind.

It’s called PERSONAL power, which means you and only you can take control of it.

Help yourself before you help others.

Follow your intuition

Have you ever had that feeling when your reason screams “NO” but something deep within your inner self keeps whispering “Yes”? People who’ve experienced this feeling describe it as an almost surreal experience.

Intuition or “the sixth sense” is like an inner voice. An inexplicable certainty, guiding us gently toward greatness and success.

One of the reasons why the voice of intuition is ignored by so any of us is that we’ve been born and raised in a “rational” society; a world where concepts that are vague or seemingly inexplicable are left to vanish in the vast territory of human knowledge.

But taking the time to follow your occasional moments of intuition doesn’t make you less of a rational person. It just enriches your experience by giving you a glimpse of your inner potential.

Whenever you’re about to make a decision, but something keeps holding you back, simply take a deep breath, listen to your inner voice and rethink your alternatives. Maybe your intuition is right, or maybe it isn’t. What’s important is to consider all options.

In a sense, intuition is the expression of your personal power; the unquestionable proof pointing toward something amazing that exists within your inner self. Something we might not be able to explain but nevertheless an internal force waiting for us to embrace it.

Every moment of intuition is a beacon of light guiding you closer to your personal power.

Follow it!

Let go of the past

We’ve all heard the phrase: Let go of your past! In fact, the Internet is bristling with articles and blog posts of how to let go of the past and why this decision can be a lifesaver.

But, does letting go of the past help us tap into our personal power?

First of all, letting go of the past is not the same as forgetting it. To put it differently, we let go of the emotional baggage, while keeping the experience as a source of useful knowledge.

Second, the “ghosts of our past” often hinder our self-exploration journey, turning personal power into a distant dream rather than an achievable goal.

“The past is where you learned the lesson. The future is where you apply the lesson. Don’t give up in the middle.”

A good way to leave your emotional baggage behind and focus on what’s to come is by keeping a journal. Journaling helps you confront your “demons” in a safe and totally controllable “environment.” Simply write down a significant experience from your past and see if you can extract some valuable lessons from it. Even if you can’t find anything useful in one of your past experiences, the mere act of putting it on paper provides a liberating effect.

People who let go of their past become strong (mentally) and optimistic. They embrace their personal power and see their history as a collection of valuable lessons.

Bonus: Use positive affirmations to boost your personal power

If you ever feel “lost” just close your eyes and repeat one of the following affirmations:

  • I am in control of my personal power.
  • There is an entire reservoir of untapped potential waiting to be discovered.
  • Today, my personal power will help me achieve my goals.
  • The cloud that covers my personal power is slowly vanishing.
  • I abandon my past to embrace my inner strength.