Attract Money and Prosperity Into Your Life

Everyone has dreams. However, most of these dreams require finances to become a reality, right? Perhaps even yours needs some serious funding. Where is the money though? Who has it and why aren’t you that person? How come money isn’t ever enough?

Have you noticed that the bigger chunk of the population is always playing catch up?

After all, bills have to be paid, the kids have to go to school and food needs to be on the table and so on.

When was the last time you bought something good for yourself? Something you wouldn’t buy on an ordinary day. Can’t remember, can you?

C’mon now. Don’t beat yourself up.

Because, it’s all in your mind!

All you have to do is tune your mind into luring money for you. Here are a few things to help with this.

Stop complaining!

Take a second and imagine someone complaining about you all the time saying that you are never enough for them and even if they got you, they would use you all at once.

It doesn’t really feel good, does it? In fact, you would get angry about it and probably be less likely to align yourself to that person.

The same applies to money!

According to the law attraction, wealth would only accumulate around you if you want it hard enough! You might think that whining about how much little money you have, is a sign that you really want riches. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! The moment you do that, all the universe gets are negative signals from your mind. These signals are actually repulsive forces that take money further away from your pocket.

You cannot attract more money by dwelling upon how little it satisfies you. It’s as simple as that!

Additionally, complaining also tends to keep you from engaging in wealth creation opportunities because your mind is too clouded by negativity to think of multiplying what you already have in the first place. For instance, how would you think of buying premium shares if you are too focused on how little last month’s paycheck was?

So, instead of complaining, why don’t you try some of the following things:

  • Appreciate the ‘little’ money you have
  • Tell yourself that you're rich every morning and before bedtime
  • Donate a dollar for every time you complain
  • Think about how you intend to invest your money at least three times a week

Try it and you’ll notice how your complaints can change into money attraction agents for your benefit.

Don’t just act the part - Be the part!

Is it really possible to be rich when you still don’t have that dream bank account balance? Of course it is!

Look at richness as a state and not just a status.

This will help you look at money from an entirely different angle. Being rich is totally psychological just as much as being poor is. Have you ever wondered why a person earning $10000 a year could seem to be richer than one earning $20000? It’s because the former is more content than the latter.

That’s another great secret to feeling and even being rich. Contentment!

Here’s an interesting question for you. If you can’t be satisfied with the little you have now, how sure are you that you’ll be entirely pleased by adding to your possessions?

You could be rich just the way you are if you choose to look at your financial life differently. Remember, there is someone out there whose entire salary could be equivalent to your taxes!

Believing that you’re affluent or wealthy is critical in being rich and not just acting rich. Such a state of mind will automatically act as an attractive force of riches and prosperity. Have you ever noticed that rich people always get richer and richer? Well, this is why. Money will always follow those who know and believe they are rich.

Here’s how you can be psychologically rich.

Feed your subconscious with wealthy and prosperous thoughts through daily affirmations of how rich you are . Doing this will help you attract money with your mind! Most importantly, always carry yourself like the rich person you already are. Dress the way you want to be addressed, speak the way you would speak to the president and give like a rich guy! Try it! See what happens.