How to Make the Lottery Affirmations Work

Is it possible to enhance your chances of winning the lottery by using positive affirmations?

A lot of people have been asking about this one. And the answer is a sound YES - but it takes some understanding of the process to make it work.

Otherwise we would all be lottery winners, right? But that’s obviously not the case.

If you REALLY want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, then read carefully.

Why lottery winning is different than using affirmations to gain other things?

If you believe that you can use the power of your thoughts to manifest anything into your reality, then the lottery win should be no different.

But it is, and here’s why.

Say you want a car. There are many cars in the world and many more being constantly manufactured. Besides, a car is something you perceive as “normal”, something everyone is entitled to.

It’s the same with things like owning a house, developing a successful business, even attracting a romantic partner (unless your beliefs about these things are too negative - then it would take more effort). But generally, with these things it’s all relatively easy - because there’s more than one prize.

So the two important things that make manifesting a lottery win different are:

  • There’s only one main prize and millions of other people who consciously or unconsciously want it
  • You perceive it as something not very likely. You probably don’t know many lottery winners and the stories of those who won, seem like science fiction to you, so you will have a really hard time persuading yourself that it’s something you can actually manifest.

Which brings us to the ONE BIG MISTAKE that everyone wanting to manifest a lottery win make:

Going after the main prize straight away?

OK, I’m not saying this isn’t achievable - it is, but it takes A LOT mental strength and practice to overcome the challenges I’ve described above.

For most people (and especially if you’re new to manifesting via affirmations) it’s better to start slowly and then work your way up to the main prize.

What do I mean?

OK, you know that usually there are more small lottery prizes, smaller than the main one (well, a lot smaller, but stick with me).

Now, just as winning those smaller prizes doesn’t seem too attractive to you, it’s not very attractive to most of those other people focusing on a lottery win. Which means - obviously, there’ll be less competition!

Imagine for a moment millions of thoughts focused on the main prize, mutually competing and neutralizing each other - and then imagine how many thoughts are focused on those smaller prizes. If any.

If you decide to aim for the smaller ones, you’ll clearly see your chances of winning them skyrocket!

And that’s not all: say the smaller prize you’ve picked is $500.

That’s not a huge sum. But it’s still a lottery win.

Because it’s not a huge sum, you will find that you will have no trouble believing that you can win it.

And because it’s still a lottery win, you will notice that after you’ve done it a few times, your belief in the likelihood of winning bigger sums is dramatically increasing. You’ve already proven that you can win the lottery, you’ve already experienced it first hand.

Your belief system related to lottery wins gets to change, naturally and effortlessly - and from there, working your way to the bigger prizes, even the main one, is a lot easier than if you went for it straight away, doubting that you can make it.

See how logical it is?

So, if I had to divide this process into steps, I’d say go like this:

  1. Find a smaller lottery prize you want to win
  2. Use the affirmations to help you focus on it (every day for several days or a few weeks, depending on your personal needs)
  3. When you win your first prize, repeat the process a few times, until you’re totally confident in your ability to manifest it
  4. Start focusing on bigger sums (you can use the affirmations again - you’ll see for yourself whether you need additional help or not)

And then.. well, it’s up to you what you’ll do with the money :)