Are You Unconsciously Repelling Money?

No matter how much we earn, it's always missing the mark. No matter how much we save, it's never enough. We go to work and get paid and still don’t have enough for some, even small, dreams and wishes.

But maybe the money itself isn’t the problem?

If you constantly want something and never seem to get it, there must be some big brake on that mission. You don’t see it, but it always slows your way up.

You don’t see it because it's hidden deep in your mind and wrapped in negative beliefs about money.

Do you think it's possible you have these beliefs?

These are 4 most common negative beliefs and behaviors related to money. Do you recognize some?

  1. Money is evil
  2. Big money isn't your destiny
  3. Rich people are greedy and bad
  4. Ignoring and neglecting the money you do have

See, with these kind of beliefs and attitude it's quite possible that deep down you don’t really want to have more than you do. So you’re not really compelled to work on earning more – you’re actually sabotaging your chances of ever becoming rich.

This is only a possibility. But if you think it might be true, let’s try and see things from a different perspective.

Nothing’s set in stone, not even your negative beliefs about money.

Let’s get a few things straight first:

If you look at some rich people and see how they spend money with no respect, with no grace and compassion to others, it's normal that you don't want to become one of them. But, these people aren’t as numerous as you may think. Not everyone likes to show off and spend life shopping.

The largest number of rich people are very quiet, regular and positive people, like you. Money didn’t corrupt them, so there’s no reason to believe it would corrupt you – if that’s what you’re unconsciously afraid of.

Second, if you were born and raised in a poor family, that doesn't mean you have to spend your life in poverty. Your knowledge, persistence and strong will, can take you to a better life, with more money in your pocket. Life changing and true, inspiring stories you can find in the biographies of celebrities, superstars, scientists, well known artists and many other successful people.

And third, if you ignore your money, it won't respect you. It may become your best friend only if you treat it as you would treat a friend.

Now, let’s do a simple thought exercise:

Would you ever forget your friend in the coffee shop?

Did you ever give your friend to a stranger with no explanation where he is going to take him?

A friend doesn't like to be thrown, used for nothing or devalued, does he? But he'll stay with you forever if you take care of him, if you keep him safe, if you respect him and watch over him.

And if you treat one friend this way, then chances are that many other people would like to be your friends too.

And with your friends beside you, you may continue your life without any fear.

Well done.

That’s how you change your beliefs about money – by choosing to see it in a positive light, by making it your friend.

It can take time. But it pays in the long run :)