Law of Attraction Affirmations

Ensure that your mind is completely aligned with that which you want to attract in your life and level up your manifesting using this powerful affirmations audio.

Law of Attraction Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you generally believe in the Law of Attraction, but find it difficult to fully accept that it can work for you?
  • Do you have deeply rooted negative beliefs that are preventing you from successfully manifesting your desires?
  • Do you seem unable to use the principles of the Law of Attraction to manifest anything bigger?
  • Do you want to align your thoughts and emotions completely, to eliminate any negative or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and to be able to manifest anything you want?

Are you one of those people who got all fired up about the Law of Attraction after watching “The Secret” and got disappointed after not being able to manifest what they wanted?

You are not the only one. Too many people expect that their desires will manifest right away without completely understanding the process. The Law of Attraction is real, but it uses the energy of your entire being to decipher what it is that you want and to deliver it back to you. That means that if you have any doubt, any thought that might limit your belief in yourself - manifestation won't happen or you'll manifest something you didn't intend.

For example, you may wish to win $1 million, but deep down you don't actually believe it's possible for you: that kind of money seems unattainable or something you just don't deserve. These negative beliefs that exist in the back of your mind will mess up your energy, so the message you'll be sending out will be somewhere in the lines of: “I want this money but I don't really want it”.

In order to send a clear message to the universe you need to make sure that you believe on a deeper level that what you want to manifest is possible for you. Affirmations can help you to align what you want, to how you feel about it and to remove all the negative and limiting patterns that may be holding you back.

They work by changing the paths in your subconscious and by stimulating the creation and strengthening of positive beliefs about the Law of Attraction and about your ability to manifest. With their help, your manifesting will become effortless and more efficient than ever!

What to Expect

These affirmations will help you to:

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Present Tense

  • The law of attractions works
  • My beliefs manifest my reality
  • I attract success into my life
  • I use positive thinking and beliefs to manifest a positive life
  • I have the power to create my reality
  • I attract into my life whatever I want
  • My thoughts create my reality
  • I believe in the law of attraction
  • I have the power to manifest my dreams
  • I believe deeply that I can achieve anything I desire

Future Tense

  • The law of attraction is working
  • I will think positively
  • I am gaining control over my thought patterns
  • I am manifesting my destiny
  • Each day I believe in the law of attraction more and more
  • I will transform my life using the law of attraction
  • My powers of manifestation are growing
  • The law of attraction is transforming my life
  • Each day my mind becomes more positive
  • I am gaining control over my mind and my life

Natural Tense

  • I find it easy to control my thoughts
  • Manifesting seems effortless
  • Maintaining a positive state of mind is easy for me
  • I steer my life in positive directions with the power of positive thinking
  • Manifesting my dreams into reality is something I just do naturally
  • The law of attraction gives me the power to realize my dreams
  • Attracting success is a normal part of my life
  • My life is filled with abundance
  • My positive mindset attracts positive circumstances
  • I find it easy to attract into my life whatever I need