Attract Your Soul Mate Affirmations

Use the power of this positive affirmations audio to fine-tune your vibration and attract your soul mate into your life!

Attract Your Soul Mate Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you want someone to share your life with?
  • Have you had your share of wrong people and bad relationships?
  • Are you ready for a true love - do you want to attract your soul mate into your life and to keep them there?

Do you believe that your soul mate exists, that this one person meant for you is somewhere out there, looking for you too?

The main reason many people end up alone, without their perfect match, is in the way they think about romance in general and about themselves. Disappointed and tired of the wrong choices, they start doubting their worth and the mere possibility that things could be different.

This negativity is what’s preventing you too from connecting with your soul mate - you are simply not allowing this person to show up and to connect with you.

If you want to change this you have to firstly, change the way you perceive yourself and then become open to the possibility of a happy relationship - not burdened with the ghosts of the past but positive and enthusiastic about the future.

The affirmations that we have chosen for you will help you override all blockages that exist within you and empower you to take an active role in shaping your romantic life.

What to Expect

These affirmations are designed to:

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Present Tense

  • I am attracting my soul mate
  • I believe deeply that I will attract my soul mate
  • My soul mate is strongly attracted to me
  • My mind is totally focused on attracting my soul mate
  • I am already connected deeply to my soul mate
  • I always radiate a loving and inviting energy
  • Others are drawn to me because of my positive energy
  • I deserve to find my soul mate
  • My soul mate and I are destined to be together
  • There is an unbreakable bond between my soul mate and I

Future Tense

  • My soul mate and I will be together
  • I will find my soul mate and we will live happily ever after
  • I am attracting my soul mate more with each day
  • I will attract my soul mate
  • A positive loving energy is growing between myself and my soul mate
  • I am beginning to feel deeply that I will meet my soul mate soon
  • Each day the energy between my soul mate and I grows stronger
  • I believe more each day that I will find my perfect partner
  • My soul mate is beginning to sense our connection
  • I will know my soul mate the instant we meet

Natural Tense

  • I believe in my ability to attract my soul mate
  • I find it easy to give off positive and loving energy to others
  • I can sense deeply that there is 1 special person I am meant to be with
  • Being warm, loving and loveable is just a natural part of who I am
  • Others see me as someone they’d like to get to know more
  • There is a magical connection between my soul mate and I
  • My soul mate and I are being drawn together
  • My soul mate and I are just meant to be together
  • When I meet my soul mate, I’ll just naturally know
  • I effortlessly radiate positive and loving energy