Attract Health Affirmations

Focus your thoughts and energy on having and maintaining perfect health, all the time – achieve optimal health and wellbeing with the help from our powerful affirmations mp3.

Attract Health Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you having trouble getting over a lingering illness?
  • Do you want to make sure that your immune system is at the optimum?
  • Do you want to use the principles of the Law of Attraction to attract health and vitality?

Imagine what it would be like to have the energy to do whatever you want, confident that your body is fully functional and healthy and that you can rely on it!

The Law of Attraction, whether you want to consciously harness its power or not, makes you manifest into your reality that which you focus on the most. That means that you can choose to direct the energy of your thoughts into your wellbeing and manifesting optimum health and to make it your reality!

If you need help with this, use our affirmations album that was designed precisely for this purpose: affirmations work to enhance your body’s natural ability to reach and maintain the optimum level of vitality.

By overriding negative thoughts that keep you from focusing on your wellbeing (inner resistance towards sticking to your diet or exercise plan, destructive habits that put your body in danger…) and by creating and supporting a positive attitude towards your health, these affirmations will instill within you the so-called “health mindset” which will become your point of attraction.

With this mindset you will only be manifesting health and vitality for yourself – there will simply be no other option.

What to Expect

This album was designed to help you with:

You will start feeling the first effects of this album after the first few sessions. You will be energized and positive about your health and the changes within your mind will gradually build, until your entire being becomes a health attraction magnet!

Download our free app for iPhone/iPad today and listen immediately after your purchase- just search the App Store for Trinity Affirmations.

Download this album now and take the first step to your perfect health – change your thoughts to change your actions and your energy and start manifesting health and vitality from the core of your being!

Present Tense

  • I am naturally healthy
  • I am attracting health into my life
  • I have a strong body
  • My mind is healthy
  • I always take my health seriously
  • I always recover from illness quickly
  • I eat healthy and exercise regularly
  • My mind is completely focused on achieving optimal health
  • I manifest abundant wellbeing with the power of positive thinking
  • I am grateful for my perfect health

Future Tense

  • I am attracting health into my life with the law of attraction
  • I am becoming healthier
  • I will become healthy in mind and body
  • I will always take my health seriously
  • I am finding new ways to take care of myself and live a balanced life
  • Each day it is easier to do what I know is best for my body
  • I am starting to eat a healthier diet
  • Health, vitality and happiness are steadily increasing with every day
  • I will always remember that thinking positively is the foundation for a healthy life
  • I am beginning to listen to my body and take the action necessary to heal it

Natural Tense

  • I am naturally healthy and strong
  • I believe in my ability to attract health in to my life
  • I always just naturally do what is best for my body
  • I am highly focused on living a healthy lifestyle
  • I always seem to recover from illness very quickly
  • Others see me as someone who is just always happy, healthy and vibrant
  • I find it easy to eat right and take care of myself
  • I enjoy exercising
  • I can easily sense when my body needs rest and relaxation
  • Thinking positively about my health comes easily to me