Attract a House Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations mp3 to laser focus your thoughts and to manifest your dream house into your reality.

Attract a House Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you dream about owning a house?
  • Do you wish to live in a bigger, more beautiful house that you now just can’t afford?
  • Do you want to effortlessly manifest your dream house into your reality?

Imagine that you own your house and that it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed about - beautiful, warm, big and cozy! Imagine how you’re walking the hallway, imagine sitting in the living room or preparing meals for your family in the kitchen designed after your wishes - and that all of it is yours!

This dream can be your reality if you consciously use the power of the Law of Attraction and focus your efforts on manifesting your dream home in your reality!

Manifesting is a simple concept - you attract that which you’re focused on the most, but there’s a trick to this: your thoughts have to be focused on the positive aspect of owning the house (that means, no worries, no doubts of any sort) and you need to maintain a deep belief in the reality that you want to create.

If you have tried it before and haven’t been particularly successful, it’s most likely because you have failed in either positive focusing or believing. That’s why we have created this album with affirmations - to help you to bring your manifesting efforts to a higher level.

Affirmations on this album were carefully chosen to gradually reshape your thought patterns and to instill within you the mindset that will make you completely in tune with your desire to attract the house of your dreams.

What to Expect

When you listen to these affirmations over a period of a few weeks they will work to:

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Don’t wait any longer - download this powerful album now and start reshaping your mind so that you can finally become a proud owner of your dream home!

Present Tense

  • I am attracting a house
  • My mind is fully focused on owning a new home
  • I am visualizing what it will be like to own my dream house
  • I am doing whatever it takes to attract a new house into my life
  • I am using the power of my thoughts to attract a new home
  • I believe in my ability to attract my dream home
  • I am destined to have a new house
  • I am using the law of attraction to manifest a new house
  • I can see myself in my new house
  • I am thinking positively and attracting a house

Future Tense

  • I will attract a new house
  • A beautiful house is in my future
  • My power to manifest is growing stronger each day
  • My mind is becoming completely focused on manifesting the house of my dreams
  • I will think positively and bring a new house in to existence
  • I am changing into someone who will stop at nothing to attain a new house
  • Each day I find it easier to picture myself in my new home
  • I can feel my mind beginning to align with the reality of owning my dream home
  • I will do everything possible to get a new house
  • I am getting closer to owning a house

Natural Tense

  • I am naturally attracting a house
  • It’s easy for me to visualize myself attracting a house
  • Manifesting a house is something I will just naturally do
  • I believe deeply that I am attracting a new home
  • I find it easy to think positively about owning my new home
  • I naturally manifest whatever I focus my mind on
  • I find it easy to focus my mind on attracting a house
  • Thinking positively is something I just do naturally
  • I am tapping into the law of attraction to effortlessly attract a new home
  • I just know that I will attract a house