Improve Visualization Affirmations

Improve your visualization skills - use this powerful affirmations recording to have more detailed and vivid visualizations and accelerate your success with the Law of Attraction!

Improve Visualization Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you struggle to visualize, do your visualizations go the wrong way or are you simply unable to form a clear and vivid image in your mind?
  • Do you know that visualization is a key skill for manifesting success?
  • Do you want to sharpen your visualization skills and to supercharge your manifesting powers?

Successful manifesting requires that you sincerely believe in the reality that you wish to create. If your mind believes that something is real, the vibration that you’ll be sending out will be expressing certainty, amplifying the energy of your thoughts and making them hundreds of times more powerful.

Your mind functions in images, so visualizing what you want in detail is the best way to “persuade” it that this reality exists. When you imagine every detail, not only the visual part but also the smells, sounds, touch, your mind reacts the same way as if this reality - a new car or an entire new lifestyle - were real.

The ability to vividly visualize is a powerful tool that prepares your mind for manifesting success - if you’ve been there in your mind, you will go there in your body. This affirmations album is designed with the Law of Attraction in mind, to help you focus your mind on enhancing your ability to visualize. They practically train your mind to become better and better at visualizing, allowing you to effortlessly manifest your dreams into reality.

What to Expect

These affirmations will help you to:

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Download this powerful album now and give a huge boost to your manifesting abilities by naturally and effortlessly visualizing that which you want to attract into your life.

Present Tense

  • I am improving my visualization skills
  • I am able to visualize in high detail
  • I have total control over my visualizations
  • Sight, sound, taste and smell are all things that I can easily visualize
  • My mind is clear and focused on visualizing success
  • I visualize positive change and manifest it into reality
  • I always visualize in maximum detail
  • I use visualization to manifest massive success
  • I easily visualize the feelings and emotions associated with reaching my goals
  • I use the power of visualization to manifest the life I want

Future Tense

  • I will improve my visualization skills
  • My visualization skills are beginning to improve
  • I will shape my reality with intensely vivid visualization
  • I am transforming my mind with the power of visualization
  • I am beginning to effortlessly visualize the reality I wish to create
  • I will use visualization to achieve my goals and live a life of success and abundance
  • I am transforming into someone who has a natural visualization ability
  • Each day I visualize in higher and higher detail
  • My visualizations are becoming stronger and more powerful
  • I will use visualization to reprogram my subconscious

Natural Tense

  • My mind is focused and clear when I visualize
  • Visualization is just a normal part of my every day life
  • I naturally visualize in high detail
  • Colors, sounds, tastes and smells are easy for me to visualize
  • Visualization strengthens my subconscious and prepares me for success
  • I find it easy to focus my mind and visualize the achievement of my goals
  • Visualization comes naturally to me
  • I find it easy to control my visualizations at will
  • I can use visualization to effortlessly attract whatever I want
  • I use visualization to program my thoughts and beliefs as I see fit