Attract a New Car Affirmations

Use positive affirmations to fine-tune your mind into attracting the car of your dreams or just something more practical - it’s up to you to choose!

Attract a New Car Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you longing for a particular car model that you just can’t afford?
  • Is your old car getting dangerously close to falling apart?
  • Do you want to create an opportunity to get a new car effortlessly?

Have you tried to manifest a new car before, using the principles of the Law of Attraction, but nothing happened? Still, you know that it works for many other people - so what went wrong in your case?

One thing that many people overlook is that it’s not enough to just think about a new car for it to miraculously show on your driveway. Your thoughts do have the power to manifest it, but it works a bit differently: they have to be entirely focused on it and you have to have 100% belief in your ability to manifest your new vehicle.

In other words, it requires a bit different mindset than the one you currently have and fortunately this mindset is more easily attainable if you use affirmations.

This simple tool can override your inner blockages and to laser focus your thoughts on what you want. A thought that gets repeated often enough creates a new path in your mind and is able to form a firm conviction that will finally result in you getting the car that you want.

What to Expect

Affirmations will help you by:

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Present Tense

  • I am attracting a new car
  • I am using the law of attraction to manifest my dream car
  • I believe deeply that I have the power to attract a new car
  • My dream car is already mine
  • My mind is totally focused on attracting a new car
  • There is a deep connection between my dream car and I
  • I am full of positive thoughts about owning a new car
  • My subconscious mind believes deeply that I will attract a new car
  • I deserve to own my dream car
  • I can feel a deep connection to my future car

Future Tense

  • I will attract my dream car
  • I will be driving my new car soon
  • I am starting to think positively about manifesting a new car
  • My power to attract a new car is growing stronger each day
  • I am transforming into someone who is totally focused on attracting a new car
  • My belief in the law of attraction is growing stronger
  • I am starting to feel that one way or another I will own my dream car
  • I am beginning to sense that I will own a new car soon
  • I am finding it easier to believe in the law of attraction
  • My mind is beginning to align with the reality of owning a new car

Natural Tense

  • Attracting my dream car is easy
  • I can easily visualize myself driving my new car
  • Manifesting a new car is just something I will just do
  • I find it easy to think positively about the prospect of owning my dream car
  • I am just meant to own the car of my dreams
  • I deserve to have a new car
  • I find it easy to think positively and manifest my desires
  • Believing I will get a new car comes naturally to me
  • Owning a fancy sports car is just a normal part of my life
  • I am naturally manifesting my dream car into existence