Entrepreneur, the Modern Warrior: How to Arm Yourself for Victory

A 9-5 job is ok for most people. The salary is paid on time. Benefits aren't bad and the retirement plan can make them feel safe. Yes the job can be boring, but most people are happy just to complain about it.

Most people. But not you. Your "golden handcuffs" hurt you. You can't sit still at your desk. You can't get rid of all the creative ideas begging you to let them out and give them a chance to live. And you are desperate to do more.

But, what if you don't make it as an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurial waters are stormy. And the outcome of any business venture is uncertain.

So why bother?

An entrepreneur is, in a way, a modern day warrior. She or he fights for freedom and for the most luxurious resource in the world: time. They hustle to live off doing what they’re passionate about. They combat for their right to express their creativeness, learn and grow at their own pace. And to decide for their team and themselves. They fight for their dreams and don’t settle for a life in a box, in any sense whatsoever.

And every victory, in that path, each step forward, recognition and success bring about such pride and happiness. Almost beyond comparison to anything else you have experienced.

So, if you decide this is your kind of fight, and you see yourself as an entrepreneurial knight, then these are the weapons you should bring into the battle.

No general goes to war without a plan

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re not only a warrior. You’re a general. So you need to create a strategy, for whatever business venture you have in mind. And plan your moves. Don’t fall into the trap of just creating to-do lists and checking the assignments off without thinking through your goals and ways to achieve them.

Research is your sword sharpener

Would you face your enemy with your sword blunt?

In a word, research every step of the way. Research your competitors. What could you do better? Your target market - who are the people who will buy your product or service? What are they like? Where do they hang out, on or offline? Research different strategies and approaches to getting yourself out there.

The more you research and the better you get at it, the closer your actions will be to hit the mark.

Your mindset is your forte

The factor that sets the scene either for your success or your failure as an entrepreneur is your mindset.

If you believe in your business idea, your abilities, determination and commitment to defy challenges your venture faces, the chances you’ll succeed are much higher.

Unless you’re still young so mom and dad have your back, or filthy rich so even if your startup flunks, you’re covered, you need something to lean on.

Fortify your entrepreneurial mindset. Build in the rock-solid belief that everything will be OK no matter what.

Your refusal to give in to fear of failure is your helmet

Nobody expects you to not be afraid. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the more you’ll dread. Yet the fear will make you give your all. That cramp in your stomach will make you push harder. But don't succumb to the dread and fly off.

Embrace it and use it to protect you, instead.

Patience is your shield

Many wannabe entrepreneurs surrendered and laid their weapons down because they invested all, the money the energy and time in their first step.

Sure, taking the leap may be the most difficult part, but don’t expect to walk through the Triumph gate as soon as you make it.

Expect challenges and obstacles. Armor yourself with patience as you win some battles and lose others.

Action is your sword

You can have a million ideas. You can read as many books and plot as many plans. But if you don’t act upon them, consistently, your entrepreneurial dream is nothing but a dead letter.

Don’t be a lone wolf

Even the superheroes network and make alliances nowadays. Take Marvel’s The Avengers, for example. Why should you be any different?

Network, join groups, outsource, delegate, make business friends.

Make the kill. Sell.

Notice how the 2 words end in the same way? Sound somewhat similar? Kill. Sell.

No wonder because both mean you stay in “business.” Fortunately, all the similarities end here.

Still, if you want to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur you better learn how to sell effectively. Because selling is crucial for your business.

That’s the way it is. Even if you created the best product or service in the world, if you can’t draw people’s attention to it and sell it, nothing else you have done will matter.

Your vision is your Holy Grail

Is being an entrepreneur-warrior easy? Heck no. In fact, a lot of times you’ll wish for a comfy 9-5 job, where you need not worry about anything but crossing off your daily tasks and getting on with your life.

But is it worth it?

Well, you’re the only one who can answer that question.

Picture your ideal life. Brush off the what ifs and the boundaries in your head. And allow your mind to play.

If your dream life involves freedom to manage your own time and money, to work from wherever you want, to grow and learn without limits, chances are, it's a kind of entrepreneurial dream.

Then ask yourself, how much pursuing this life, the possibility to be 100% happy and fulfilled is worth to you. And there's your answer.