How to Attract Luck with Affirmations That Work for You

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

The famous quote of one of the most brilliant physicist in the world’s history triggers further questions in my mind; those deep, insightful questions that come from our inner, not the outer world, creating my version of this quote:

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of questions we used when we created them.

Making the right questions in the right way can change the perspectives in our lives. It can shake the very foundations of our beliefs. When we are not satisfied with the situation we’re in, most of the time we question our subconscious mind in a pretty inadequate way, the way that won’t lead us to peace, love, luck, prosperity, empowerment and other answers we are searching for.

We will over and over again say to ourselves that we simply have no luck.

It will stick in our subconscious mind that works as an air sucking pump, one hidden operating system based on our gigantic storage of beliefs, memories, thoughts and experiences. But you know what? We can hack it, as gigantic and unknown as it is! Here are the ways we can do to create our own luck and make affirmations work for us effectively.

Attracting Good Luck While Enjoying Some Alpha Chilling

Before you do any kind of self-help and reprogramming techniques it is important to be relaxed, yet focused and receptive - in other words, to achieve the alpha state of mind. This state of mind involves the alpha brain waves between 8 and 13Hz frequency range. Meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques and many other practices can get you into the alpha state, and in this way your subconscious mind will be more receptive to the affirmations and anything else you want to shape and create.

Transforming Your Positive Affirmations into Powerful Questions

When in the alpha state ask yourself questions that deeply matter to you such as: What does luck mean to me? How can I be, feel, think and do better? What matters most to me? and so on. Be open to receive the answers whenever they come. Then, change your statements into the positive questions that show that your thoughts and ideas have already happened or are already true.

Affirmation: I attract more and more good fortune and money this 2021.

The question form affirmation: Why do I attract more and more good fortune and money this 2021?

This way, you won’t be stuck in the loss-frame and negatives but you will focus on the gain-frame, forgiveness and gratitude. You can see the fragile curve of framing brain that goes from gain to loss and vice versa in this remarkable TEDx talk.

Your Luck Doesn’t Like Lies

Sometimes after you repeat certain affirmations you feel that they are not in line with your current state. They don’t sound true to you, so it can be a good idea to create your own self-affirmations. Firstly, you have to accept the state you’re in, after that, you have to write down the statements without forcing the false positivity.

For example: I feel scared about taking a business risk, but more and more I am learning, developing new skills and focusing on the potential opportunities.

Breaking daily routines, learning new things, listening to your intuition and seeing the bigger picture with all ups and downs in the long term help you increase your luck in life.

Choose the Affirmations That Resonate with Your Vibes

The more you practice meditation, visualization or some other techniques, the better you will dip into the alpha level of mind. Also, you will understand yourself at the deeper level and know intuitively what suggestions or positive affirmations work best for you in the particular moment of your life. You will notice the subtle differences and choose the ones that resonate to you. The example that supports the previous ideas can be found in the three different sets of affirmations based on different tenses: present, future and natural.

Just listen to your own vibe, empower yourself with the best tools that always lie within you and let the luck happen.