How to Use Affirmations to Gain Confidence and Success

Saying mini self-statements to attract stuff does sound a little bit strange. After all, how can mere words bring tangible things to you? If you think of it superficially, then those statements will remain just that. A bunch of words you recite everyday to convince yourself of a different reality.

Affirmations are more than just words. They are powerful statements that act as instruments of attraction or repulsion. You can look at them as life magnets. Depending on how you use them, affirmations can create, rejuvenate or destroy. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to use them. Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Don’t just recite. Believe!

  2. Every negative affirmation has an equally positive affirmation. Pick positive affirmations.

  3. Be realistic. Don’t say you are happy when you really aren’t. Instead, say something like my son

makes me happy.

  1. Never give up! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You might be someone with low self esteem. Perhaps you grew up thinking you were born that way or you lost your confidence somewhere along the way. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. All that can be changed and you can boost your self-belief and attract success.

Always affirm confidently!

“I believe I can”. Take a close look at those four words. They can be the ones to change your life for good. Now read them the way you would read your newspaper headline. Feel anything? No, right?

That’s because there was no emotion in them and that’s where most people go wrong with their affirmations. They read them like words off the next page of a boring novel.

Self statements, especially those you want to attract self esteem, should contain confidence in them in the first place. Don’t expect to draw confidence to yourself using shy methods. You need to be strong and believe what you are saying!

Let’s go back to the words above – “I feel confident”. This time, visualize your confident future self.

Perhaps with a power walk across your office as you stylishly greet your colleagues and your boss, with a sense of knowledge that you always get what you want. You could also picture yourself giving a speech Martin Luther King Jr style with nothing written on paper as people cheer at your every line.

Such thoughts – thoughts of greatness or success – are where you want to begin. So, let your imagination go wild.

Visualizing is important, because seeing where you want to be first, will give you a sense of guidance of how you need to get there. Remember, direction will always be better than speed!

Once you’ve pumped yourself up enough, take a look in the mirror. Smile a bit and say those words with all your heart. Say that you believe you can be the best or that you can give a great speech. Pack a punch into those affirmations. Believe what you are saying!

With time, these self statements will form core beliefs in your subconscious and be a part of you and increase your self-esteem. So the next time you are affirming yourself, give it all the confidence you’ve got.

Understand the law of attraction

If you really need to improve confidence, you need to understand how the law of attraction works.

Your mind is like a magnet with the ability to attract and repel. You are the one responsible for charging this magnet using either negative or positive thoughts. Affirmations are just used as a means to direct desired thoughts into our subconscious mind.

Once a certain thought becomes your core belief, it changes the way you behave and view the world. In other words, it makes you who you are. This then attracts things that are similar to you or to your attributes. For instance, if you believe you are successful, then success is likely to come your way. It only manifests in tangible material like fancy cars, a big house and so on. In actual sense, you become successful even before you acquire such things.

The same principle applies with confidence. Once you have affirmed yourself and continue doing so diligently, you attract confidence into your life. That means, more circumstances requiring self belief will arise, enabling you to actualize your improved self esteem. Additionally, more confident people will be attracted to you, thus helping you to stay confident and make self belief a way of life.

So, every time you say a self statement, do it with an understanding.