Imperfection Is the New Black, So Wear It in Style

Imagine being invited on a date by a really attractive person you’ve had your eye on for months. Wow, the exhilaration! It’s finally happening, the world is bright again, all your dreams are coming true...!

On the day of the date you’re so anxious about how your hair looks, you’ve got nothing to wear, you can’t seem to match the shoes with the rest of the outfit, something is either too casual or too formal... and suddenly the initial excitement turns into a state of frenzy.

Then you start thinking about how perfect he or she is, how well-spoken, educated, with great manners and on the other hand you’re a bit rough around the edges and seem to be missing some charisma...

Of course, you decide to cancel the date and find the most ridiculous excuse because - let’s face it, the person was really too good to be true and you’ve just saved yourself from a massive disappointment.

It’s a familiar scenario - the one in which we sabotage ourselves just because we think we’re not good enough and we need to work harder to earn the reward of someone’s interest, companionship or anything else.

Why does this happen?

Trying to be the best version of ourselves can be truly exhausting and counterproductive. It’s an endless strife with a non-existent enemy. You’re basically fighting with yourself against yourself.

While working on your imperfections you’re actually denying yourself from being who you truly are. Standing up to the world is hard, but standing up to ourselves can be even harder.

What can you do to change things round?

Once you realize that some imperfections don’t need to be addressed, you can change your perspective on how you see them.

Imperfections are those beautiful character traits that make you stand out in the crowd and be unique. But just to be clear, we are not talking about character flaws that are stopping you from reaching your goals but those little things that look so big in your eyes, that they’re actually obstructing your view to finally see what a wonderful person you really are.

And what if your nose is a bit crooked, so was Caesar’s but it didn’t prevent him from ruling Rome and half of the world, not to mention winning over so many women.

If your figure isn’t just perfect for those skinny jeans you’ve been trying to get yourself into, there is for sure a pair of pants that can be absolutely flattering.

And how about switching from jeans to skirts and dresses? Everybody's wearing skinny jeans nowadays, so, do you need to be everybody or you can be yourself? You can rock shirt dresses, maxi skirts or flared pants… The list is endless if you let go of chasing after what you’ve envisioned to be the perfect version of you.

Imperfections are the new black so learn to wear them in style! Be proud of who you are and what you are like because being different is what makes you unique and memorable.

Imperfections are not inadequacies! They make us more interesting and they give us something for others to remember us by. Yes, photoshopped images may be eye pleasing but we know they're fake. You don’t want fake, so be real, because beauty is in what’s real.

There isn’t another person in the world who has the same dance moves as you. There isn’t another person in the world who has such great sense of humor. There’s probably no one else in the world with such frizzy hair. So what if you’re not as tall as you’d like to be? Does your happiness really depend on such things? Are you a sum of your physique and wardrobe or of your personal qualities?

And yes, you should improve in many things, but working on every single imperfection (whatever you consider it to be) will just make you be more like others and take you further away from yourself.

Reaching happiness, feeling satisfied and good about yourself is embracing who we are, warts and all. Now, get ready and go on that date, be yourself and enjoy life.

Do it. Just for fun. And see if anything changes.