One word that could make your self-confidence skyrocket if you say it really loud

In a success driven world, being self-confident is a must. It seems as though only those with high self-confidence are the ones who have it all - the best jobs, the best partners, the best cars, clothes...What is left for those with low self-esteem are scraps.

But, what if only one word, one single word can help you turn into a self-confident person you’ve always wanted to become?

And the word is YES!

So, what can this word do for you? For one, it can get you out of your comfort zone. We all know best things happen when we get out of our comfort zone. Saying YES to the things you’ve never tried before is exactly what you need to do to get out and become more confident. Pick a new skill, sport, cafe or even dry-cleaner’s to make that first step. Maybe you’ll meet some interesting new people, maybe you’ll discover that you’re actually a fabulous cook, tennis player, painter, musician...the opportunities are endless.

What saying Yes also does to you is that it helps you acquire new experience. How?

Well, personal growth and self-esteem are connected. In order to promote personal growth and boost self-confidence you should say YES to all kinds of new experiences. For one because you will know exactly if it is something you like and will keep doing or you absolutely don’t find appealing and will give it up altogether. If you say YES to a new course your company offers you to take, you will gain more experience in an unfamiliar area and be more confident to take on the more challenging tasks and eventually ask for a promotion or salary increase! Sounds like a success plan, right?

Then, the really cool effects of saying YES start kicking in! It makes you feel good about yourself!

You should only say YES to the things that will make you feel good. Not the ones you’re expected to say YES to. Once you start saying YES to yourself you will never again find yourself saying it against your will. So, YES to an impromptu weekend getaway, YES to those ridiculously expensive shoes, YES to that chocolate cake after lunch! Little by little you will see how what makes you feel good actually reflects on your self-confidence.

When you start feeling good about yourself, you will start believing in your abilities and talents and that brings even more benefits for your self-confidence.

When the self-confidence is lacking, it makes you doubt your abilities and competences. However, when you choose to say YES and put yourself out there and your qualities too, you start believing more in what you can achieve with the skills you’ve got. For example, if you have a knack for cooking say YES to your friend’s invitation to a party and cook up a few of your best recipes. When the compliments from the guests start coming your way maybe you will finally muster the courage to take that cooking course you wanted or even start your own restaurant!

And in the end ask yourself this: What have I got to lose?

Most people waste their life being afraid to say YES to life and the stuff that goes around them because they worry not to look ridiculous. OK, so is feeling a bit embarrassed really that unbearable? Even the worst days last for only 24 hours and yes, you can feel a bit embarrassed if something doesn't go as planned but it is nothing compared to all the chances you've wasted by staying mum.

Once you break the ice it will do wonders for your self-confidence in the long run! Give it a try and tell us - what have you got to lose?