Become More Adventurous Affirmations

Get the courage to experience the adventures that you’ve only been dreaming about and live the excitement of trying new things, with the help of this powerful affirmations mp3.

Become More Adventurous Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you play it safe more often than you’d like?
  • Do you wish you were more of an action taker?
  • Do wish you were putting yourself out more?
  • Do you want to be able to look back on your life and have no regrets – do you want to hop over whatever is keeping you from exploring the wonders of the world?

We often get tired of doing the same old thing and wish to spice things up, to try something new and to explore other opportunities. Adventure for some means travel, for others it’s approaching a girl – whatever your thrill is, you may be craving for novelties but you lack one important ingredient to make it happen: courage.

Playing it safe is something that you’ve learnt over the years and even when you get the opportunity to do something you’ve secretly wanted for a while – you rather pass. You don’t dare to take the leap into the unknown because you aren’t used to surprises, you don’t know how to handle them. And, although you know that you’ll regret it later, you decide not to go with the flow and to stick to the routine.

If you’re tired of constantly passing on the opportunities, if you want to experience what you’ve been dreaming about, it’s not quite as out of reach as it may seem!

This album was designed to help you to overcome this fear of the unknown and to be a gentle push to your desire to go out and do stuff. The affirmations will transform the way you view adventure and your attitude towards it by creating a new path in your mind that will turn you into more of a risk taker.

They can act as an immediate boost when you need more courage, or you can use them to stimulate lasting changes that will make you more adventurous by nature.

What to Expect

These affirmations will help you to:

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Download this transformational mp3 to awaken the adventurer within you and make sure that you never again miss an opportunity to live life to the fullest!

Present Tense

  • I am an adventurous person
  • I enjoy thrills
  • I love trying new things
  • I put myself out there
  • I seize new opportunities
  • I love exploring
  • I welcome danger
  • I overlook risks
  • I live in the moment
  • I savor new experiences

Future Tense

  • I will conquer my fears
  • I am determined to accomplish my goals
  • I will stop letting things get in my way
  • I will be positive about new opportunities
  • I will embrace uncertainty
  • I am becoming more adventurous
  • I will push past my resistance
  • I will focus on the journey rather than the destination
  • I will approach things with an open mind
  • I will let my imagination run wild

Natural Tense

  • The possibilities are unrestricted
  • I am naturally adventurous
  • I am daring in nature
  • I look challenges in the face
  • I am just a brave person
  • I am naturally inclined try new things
  • I instinctively seek out adventurous opportunities
  • I dare to be different
  • I live for unique thrills
  • I am simply outgoing and headstrong