Make Your Life Interesting Again!

Quite a number of people are struggling with how to make life interesting and beautiful. Regardless of how many hours you spend at work, how many promotions you get or how much money you earn, it just doesn’t do the trick. Deep down you’re still the same old robot - well, more like zombie - working an 8 to 5 job (that you’re not even passionate about to begin with) , driving a car you don’t really like, going home to a family you rarely spend time with and so on. The list is endless.

Think about it. Don’t even try blaming ‘the system’! You know it’s true.

Lucky for you, problems exist to make us better, stronger and even greater.

See what I just did there? I viewed something negative as an avenue for creating a positive situation. Instead of focusing on the downside of life, why not redirect your way of thinking.

Do you think the life you’re living right now needs to change for your life to be interesting?

Well, not necessarily. The secret is not in how you live your life, but more of how you view your life. Here’s why.

You need to know that every action you perform is simply a product of a translated thought. For instance, take the case of an angry mother smacking her child. What happens is that the mother’s mind has made her think that the best way of dealing with the situation that has infuriated her is through hitting.

Yes, the mind is what thinks. A person just chooses an action they see fit from a processed thought. Let’s get back to the mother. She can still look at the situation differently. Instead of hitting her son, she can still choose another method of punishment or even counsel him. However, that can only happen if she takes a moment to change her perspective.

The same principle also applies in how we take the situations life puts us in. So, change your perspective!

An interesting life is not just about living at the edge of danger, driving super cars, bungee jumping from the highest bridge, or travelling to the moon. How we view these things is what makes them so riveting. Here’s a challenge for you though. Stop trying to change your life!

Instead, try enjoying it a little bit more. You do not need to get a new spouse or a bigger job to be happy. What you need is a renewed mind which convinces you that the current life you have is interesting as it is.

Don’t worry. This is NOT brainwashing!

How can we make our life interesting by renewing our minds?

If the Buddhists do it, then so can you. You don’t even need ancient techniques in order to renew your mind. Below are a few things you can do.

First of all, know that your mind is a separate entity from yourself. Just like your body, you can train it to think the way you want. Therefore, you have to strengthen it. Begin by acknowledging that you don’t have the best life in the world, because no one really does anyway. After doing this, tell yourself that you are grateful for everything you have and don’t have and wouldn’t trade it for the world no matter what! It may be difficult or embarrassing at first, but you’ll get used to it.

After appreciating your life, smile! Yes, do just that and show the world how beautiful your smile is. It’s not hard. Just stare at a mirror and think of any good thing that’s ever happened to you. Remember a smile from the worst set of teeth is way better than a frown from the best teeth.

Finally, take time to spread the love out there. Tell your spouse, your parents, your kids, your family, even your boss - if you have the heart for it – how much you love them.

Slowly, you will notice something. Your smile gets a little wider, heart a little bigger and soul a little happier.

That’s what an interesting life is all about!

What are you waiting for? Appreciate, smile and spread the love. You won’t regret it.