Want to beat depression? Start with this!

Struggling to find a way away from negative thoughts, to go back to your old self and finally change the direction of your life forward?

Before we move any further, let's be clear on one thing. There is no outside force, no magic that will get you out of depression, but the force within you. Positive thoughts are good, but things will not turn around if you just make a wish. It takes more than that... but it's doable!

The big secret to getting out of depression isn't a secret at all. You’ve had all the tools the whole time, so here’s how to use them to make yourself feel good again.

The truth is what you believe it to be!

Depression comes from within us, just like happiness does. These two share one very important thing in common - belief that something is true. When sad and unhappy we believe that it is true that we are miserable and that the world around us is a hostile place we need to fight in order to fit in. When happy and full of energy, we believe this world to be the most wonderful place full of opportunities with abundance waiting to fall into our lap.

So the shortcut out of depression would be to find ways to re-energize yourself, and to stay energized . But that’s easier said than done, so let’s investigate a bit further.

Burst the bubble

The first thing you need to realize is that depression enables you to cocoon yourself and become isolated from the rest of the world. Isolation should prevent you from being hurt even further, possibly because you fear what might wait beyond the familiar… The pain you’re already feeling is familiar, so no need to add more to it, right?

But this isolation also makes you passive, it keeps you stuck in a rut in which you can keep proving to yourself that nothing matters, and nothing ever will.

It’s your choice, and you can choose to see and do things differently.

You have the power, you are the creator!

You’re not a helpless spectator but the creator of your own reality! And exactly because you feel like there’s no way out, that the things will stay the same no matter what you do, remember that the only thing stopping the change is you! Rewrite the program that’s been running in your mind for too long and actually see things move, and this time for real.

Your thoughts are your life

You’ve repeated the negative thoughts you have of yourself and your life for so long that for you, they became true. You are living what you’re thinking, i.e. believing. Now, imagine what would happen if you could train yourself to think differently! Just imagine how it would look like to live all the good stuff you want for yourself. To live what you are thinking and believing.

Be the master of your thoughts!

Rewiring your brain is a process, but it doesn't have to be a complicated one. It is pretty much like dieting only with much better results. You can even have “cheat days” (those will be the days when you’ll feel like you’re back to square one and like this isn’t working. But remember, it is just one day and tomorrow you’ll be right back on the track.)

Start with something simple, like taking compliments from people. If someone tells you that you look pretty or that you have a good sense of humor, that you’re smart - just accept it, don’t defend yourself from it. Say “Thank you” and move on. And then you say "Thank you" again, until you feel like you could just enjoy the fact that someone recognized that quality, and that you could own it - as IT IS yours. If baby steps are all you can afford now, then afford them. The main thing is to make the steps. They will get bigger with time

Do not let your brain bully you. You own your brain and your thoughts.

Take things day by day. Do not expect everything to change overnight but learn from the process, learn and grow from this journey to a better self.

Nothing is finite and settled for good

Keep reminding yourself that you always have a choice: you can choose to dwell on the negative aspects or you can choose to change the focus.

For example, if it’s raining don't think of it as just another day that will keep you inside and bored. Think of it as the perfect time to be lazy and just relax and enjoy the fact that you can be lazy and relaxed that day. Watch a movie, read a book, call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while, cook a meal or just sit in front of the window, listen to the rain, eyes closed or open and imagine being in that special place you’ve always dreamed of.

Just because it is raining today or even tomorrow, it doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine the next day. The rain will stop and what you will do then is what makes a difference.

Getting out of depression takes time, patience and determination, but now that you know you have the power to tackle it and get back on the track, take the first step. Don’t put any deadlines to when it should end, just go day by day, watch them pass by, notice even the tiniest improvements and these will reassure you that you’re on the right way.

If you’ve already started this journey and feel like your advice can help someone, share it in the comments, as support matters, and knowing you’re not alone matters a lot!