Hair Loss Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations album to improve the health of your hair and scalp and to restore life to your hair to make it beautiful again.

Hair Loss Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you think you're losing more hair than before?
  • Have you noticed that your hairline is receding, or that bald spots on your scalp are growing?
  • Are you feeling self-conscious about your hair?
  • Do you want to stop hair loss and to make your hair grow again, healthy and shiny – naturally?

Losing your hair is certainly unpleasant, especially if you're the kind of person who makes a strong association between how you look and who you are. It can be caused by a number of reasons, but the primary ones are the fact that with age our body produces less of the hormone called melatonin (which is responsible for hair growth) and stress.

Stress affects so many areas of our life, but it also directly influences what happens in our body. It causes our body to operate at a way lower level than optimum which, among other things, can reflect on the health of our scalp.

This album was created to help you to eliminate stress and to make your body processes function at their highest level, targeting particularly, the area of your head and scalp. The positive mindset this album will help you to adopt, will produce a strong positive effect on the physiology of your hair and scalp and you will soon notice that your hair is more healthy and that you're losing less of it. With regular use it's even possible to reverse the process and to make new hair grow!

What to Expect

This album works by:

This album is designed specifically to help you with hair problems caused by stress and negative self-image, but we also have another one that targets the areas of your mind responsible for production of melatonin, so if you want quicker and more dramatic results we recommend that you use both albums, especially if you're not sure what exactly has caused your hair loss.

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Stop your hair loss now – download this album and improve the health of your scalp and prevent hair loss altogether!

Present Tense

  • My hair is healthy
  • My hair is growing
  • My hair cells are healthy and strong
  • I always take perfect care of my scalp
  • My scalp is in peak health
  • My hair is beautiful
  • I think positively to send good energy to my head and scalp
  • I am in full control of my hair growth
  • My hair is strong and healthy
  • My hair is full, alive and abundant

Future Tense

  • I will grow my hair
  • My hair is beginning to return
  • I will nurture my hair cells
  • Each day my hair becomes healthier and healthier
  • I am transforming into someone with a perfectly healthy scalp
  • I will do everything possible to protect my beautiful hair
  • I will let go of stress to improve the health of my hair
  • My hair is growing longer and longer
  • My hair cells are starting to rejuvenate
  • I will take care of my scalp

Natural Tense

  • I have great hair
  • I have naturally healthy hair
  • I can regrow my hair easily
  • My hair is returning naturally
  • My scalp is in perfect health
  • Nutrition and blood are always flowing to my scalp
  • I have strong and healthy hair cells
  • Others admire my amazing hair
  • My hair is naturally strong and healthy
  • Taking great care of my hair is something I just naturally do