Tournament Poker Affirmations

Play out of your skin at that poker table and walk out a winner with the help of this unique tournament poker affirmations audio.

Tournament Poker Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do your emotions and poker ticks give away your cards and cause you to lose?
  • Do you lack mental endurance and patience when playing in long poker tournaments?
  • Do you want to become a true poker expert?
  • Don’t you wish you have a super poker power that forces all the other players out?

James Bond is playing poker against the chief villain in 2006’s Bond movie, Casino Royale. Final hand. Bond has the perfect poker face. He’s cool-headed, calm. His nerves are made of steel and no movement, no nervous look or tick give his hand away and then he dares and challenges his scared faced enemy. All or nothing. Without so much as a smirk on his face to betray his hopes of winning the game, he takes it all – $115.000.000.

Can you imagine YOU are James Bond in this scene?

Now, you may argue that you’re not a trained secret agent with a licence to kill. But that’s not why Bond walked off with the large prize.

So why did he?

He understood the key to winning the game of poker has little to do with the cards. Or luck. But everything to do with the mind.

If you want to shine at the poker table you have to develop a powerful state of mind. Beside being knowledgeable and skilful, you have to be able to read other people’s emotions, yet not show your own, to plan your strategy and stick to it, but also “think on your feet” when needed.

There’s no room for self-doubt at that final round. Your nerves need to be of steel.

If you want to be the big winner at a poker table, you need to think and feel like a professional poker player.

These tournament poker affirmations are custom tailored to help you do just that. Repeating them will enable you to see yourself as a confident, cool poker player who plans ahead, but never gives away his strategy. With this unexpected ace up your sleeve, it will be you who takes it all.

What to Expect

Here are the 3 main ways how this album will transform your mind:

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Present Tense Affirmations

  • I have many poker skills
  • Poker is fun
  • I am excellent at poker
  • The thrill of poker compares to nothing else
  • I live for a good poker tournament
  • I take the right amount of risks
  • I am knowledgeable and wise when it comes to poker
  • Poker is my favorite hobby
  • Winning poker is well worth the stakes
  • I trust my abilities as a smart player

Future Tense Affirmations

  • I will better my poker game
  • I will focus more on poker
  • I will concentrate on winning
  • I will invest my time in poker tournaments
  • I will practice my poker strategy
  • Poker tournaments will become more enjoyable
  • I will become a poker expert
  • I will mentally train myself for poker
  • I will perform well online or in person
  • My poker skills will increase drastically

Natural Affirmations

  • I was born to play poker
  • Poker is my game
  • Poker is more than a hobby to me
  • I live for the excitement of poker tournaments
  • Others see me as a professional poker player
  • I am naturally good at bluffing
  • I win at every poker game I play
  • I’ve always been good at poker
  • I was made to play poker
  • Tournament poker is my natural rite