Is It Possible to Attract Love and Wealth Using Positive Affirmations?

Love and money are the two greatest things in this world that drive people to do the things they do every day. If you think about it, you might even notice that your very destiny is dependent on acquiring wealth and finding love. Whether you agree or not - the fact is that as long as you live on the planet earth - success will always be about getting rich, finding your better half and perhaps start a family together. Funny enough, some people get it all right and unfortunately, some get nothing at all. Most people, however, get just a bit of both.

Where do you fall?

Better yet, would you like to change that?

Truth is, everyone wants to be happy. So, how come you are not totally fulfilled at the end of each day? There must be a problem. The answer to that problem for a lot of people is in positive affirmations.

Could they be YOUR answer too?

How do I attract love and money into my life?

If you haven’t tried it yet, positive affirmations may seem like a far-fetched idea used as a hope giver to the underprivileged in society. Well, they can do just that. However, if used properly these assurances can do way more than give hope. They can bring life into our dreams and substantiate them into reality.

As we proceed, bear in mind that the same pen which may appear a toy to a child could be a weapon of mass destruction to a nuclear designer. You must use these affirmations correctly for them to have the desired effect in your life.

Here’s how you’ll need to begin.

First of all, redefine the meaning of love in your life. It is not just about intercourse, marriage or having kids as most individuals think. You could have all that but still not have love. That’s because love is about having that sense of completeness and total happiness by being around anyone who cares about us.

Once you are clear on that then you can attract the right – more like true – love and happiness.

Secondly, you need to appreciate the love you already have. Love doesn’t change. The people who offer it are the ones who do. So, why don’t you assure your parents and friends of how much you love them? It might be difficult at first if you are not used to this kind of openness with your loved ones. You will have to overcome this! By doing so, you will also get over that awkward feeling of affirming yourself.

Lastly, feed your subconscious with positive assurances. For instance, keep telling yourself that you already have all the love you need and that your partner would only be an individual you would wish to share that love with. Avoid saying that they will add more love in your life.

Remember, love as an energy can only be transformed and not added nor subtracted!

So, how do you attract money now that you know how to attract love? Use the same principle.

  1. Be clear on your definition about money.

  2. Appreciate the money you already have.

  3. Renew your mind with positive affirmations.

Money is just an avenue towards happiness. Therefore, you need to stop thinking that the more money you acquire the happier you’ll be. That is a wrong approach to happiness.

Be grateful for the little you have first before you start seeking more.

Moreover, try being happy as you look for that money. Let it be a happy hustle and not a hustle to happiness. Once you think this way, even your work performance will improve. This can only happen if you truly believe that you’re seeking to add more to your already plentiful bank account. Tell yourself that every day regardless of how much cash you hold. You’ll notice something.

Such kind of affirmations will renew your mind into a powerful magnet that will attract the love and wealth that you desire.

Don’t wait. Try it now and see what happens!