Why you aren't making bucket-loads of money and what you can do about it

Hasn't Madonna's success story inspired all of us at some point? She was talented and determined “to rule the world.” She brought a touch of unexpected to the scene and worked her btt off to make progress. So she succeeded big-time and made loads of cash.

Or J. K. Rowling? She was a single mom, struggling to make ends meet. But she had an idea. AND, she pursued that idea, night by night until it became a book. She was estimated to be worht around $1 billion dollars last year.

So? What's that got to do with you?


People listen to such success stories, but seldom link them to their own lives!

Whenever your desire to be wealthy and financially free pops up, it hits a brick wall before you even get to fantasize about your next step.

Your negative beliefs about money, deeply imprinted into your conscious, make up this wall. They often disguise themselves as vague emotions, unpleasant feelings or innumerable excuses.

And they stand in your way of fulfilling your full potential.

But today, we’re taking that wall down!


1. I don’t deserve to be rich

You can’t see yourself rich and prosperous because you don’t assume YOU deserve to lead such a life. But you do! Can you make it happen or not is another question. Yet, you are worthy. You provide worth. You will use all that money and extra time to make a positive impact on the lives of your loved ones and your own. You will use it to do good.

It’s not like the money will mysteriously come your way because you trust you deserve it. Yet, how else will you fight to earn it if you don’t feel you’re good enough to swim in it.

If you recognized this feeling to be holding you back, try replacing it with:

"I deserve to be rich."

2. Money won’t buy me happiness and joy.

True. But, it can buy braces for your kid without breaking the bank. It can buy you a trip to Cuba, Mexico or a dinner at that new restaurant.

If you claim money is not important to you why would you sweat about it?

But if it is, replace it with: "Making a lot of money is one of my top priorities."

3. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

This saying implies that it's difficult to earn money and that you must work hard for it.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but you do need to work to make money. It won't just fall into your lap. Still, if you're passionate about your job and work with people you like and appreciate, it shouldn't be that hard either.

Also, get this; it’s never been easier to earn money! Sure, you might not get a breakthrough idea like J. K. Rowling and make billions, but you can still write your own book, publish it online for yourself and make money.

You could also create an online course or an online shop. Become a virtual assistant, web designer, social media manager, or start your own SEO agency.

And if you're not a fan of online business ventures, you can start your party/event planning business. You can redesign (and resell) old furniture, create lamps or wall decorations. You can babysit or make your home a daycare.

Opportunities are countless. As are the leaves on the trees.

So, whenever you hear your grandpa’s voice echoing in your head, shut it up (respectfully) and replace it with: "I can make heaps of money."

4. I don’t have enough time to make money

Assuming you already have a regular job, you must be tired when you get home. And you deserve to grab a beer, sink into a comfortable couch and watch TV.

But guess what?

You’re also entitled to take a vacation, to buy new furniture and a new computer.

So, if you care about all that as much as you care about your after work rest, could you set aside a few hours a day and work towards achieving your money goals?

Because taking that extra mile, pushing yourself a little harder is crucial if you want to move forward with your life.

Yes, it takes courage to make such decisions and act upon them. Yes, it takes persistence and the commitment to follow through each day.

Yet it all comes down to one second. A second when you focus your strength on your hopes and goals and tell yourself: "I will work on this for a little while and then I will..."

Motivation is the key, though.

Here are a few ideas to motivate yourself:

  • Share your project with a friend. Peer pressure is a great motivator.
  • Reward yourself after you get the task for the day done. (First extra work - then the beer).
  • Replace: "I’m too tired for this," with "I will become dedicated to achieving financial success."
  • Celebrate your victories and success - no matter how small they are.

5. Only smart/special/gifted people can make a lot of money - and I’m neither

Admit it. Have you ever looked at a someone’s photo and thought: “Nothing is special about this person. How can he/she make so much and be so successful and I can’t?”

The thing is, you can. Yes, we’re all different. But all of our brains are designed to learn, apply the knowledge and solve problems. Hence, yours too.

You may need to learn a bunch of stuff. And it may take time.

Still, progress at a snail's pace is better than no progress at all!

So, next time you spot, say, Zuckerberg’s pic, take a deep breath and say: "I believe in myself and my ability to gain wealth."

6. Being rich is a matter of luck

What are you implying here? That you can’t control, whatsoever, how much money you make? That the luck and nothing else determines your income?

While Ms. Luck has a say in your overall success, if you leave it all up to her... With that attitude?

Good luck having her smile at you! ;-)

So, next time a friend tells you how his blog took off, try: "I am focused on gaining large amounts of money".

Because, there is another saying about Lady Luck, one that is far more true and beneficial:

She favors the bold.

7. There is not enough money. Some people must stay poor.

This one is just false. Everyone who’s willing to research smart ways to make money and put in effort can do it. And so can you.

So, you’re better off with: "Money is all around me, all I have to do is reach out and grab it."

8. This is just a stupid blog post. I can ignore “the itch” to bookmark it and explore this topic further. And get back to my old life

Of course you can. Maybe it’s not the right time for you to take action.

Just remember, time goes by and whatever you do (or don’t do) with it, piles up into a bunch of results that tell a story about your life and you.