Why You Need to Break Free from 9-5 Mindset if You Ever Want to Become Rich

Has it ever occurred to you that humans, didn’t evolve to work 9-5? That trading hours of your life for money, 8 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week for 40 years before retirement isn’t a natural – and it certainly isn’t the best – way to spend your life?

Of course, you have to have money and it’s better to have loads of it, right?

So you have two options: to play it “safe”, working for someone else your entire life and hoping that when you’re old you won’t have anything to worry about (at least in the financial sense), or to start thinking outside the box and create your fortune.

But is 9-5 really “playing it safe”?

So you have a 9-5 job.

You rely on your employer to give you the salary each month, a precise amount that you can count on.

If everything goes well, you might change a job or two, move up the corporate ladder (or not), get some salary increase every few years, maybe some bonuses as well and live happily ever after once you retire.

So what are the chances that everything will go well?

You know how variable the economy is these days. Your company could lay you off to save money; you could lose a lot of value in your retirement nest eggs because of the stock market fluctuations; anything could happen – and you’re not the one in control.

This doesn’t seem very safe to me.

But then, why are there so many people doing it?

The mindset thing

Most people never have this kind of “revelation”. Being raised the way most of us were, we come to believe that having a “good” job, one that’s stable and that pays (relatively) well is the best we can hope for.

There’s some false sense of security in doing as everybody else does. Only, doing what everybody else does also means that you’ll probably never make a fortune – if everyone doing it that way was rich, the world would be a much different place, right?

If it’s the freedom to do what you want you’re after, you’re never going to get it this way. The figures just don’t match.

Those who have made it, who became millionaires, have decided to take a different kind of risk – the risk of taking things into their own hands, the risk they’re in control of.

Think about it for a second: a man’s work makes another man rich.

He has a certain set of skills and it’s obviously a valuable one if someone is willing to pay him for it.

So he’s trading his time and his skills for a fraction of the money he could make if he was doing it for himself!

Does that make sense to you? No, I didn’t think so ;)

Okay, perhaps being your own boss isn’t for everyone. You can’t just decide to quit your 9-5 job and wake up as a millionaire.

You have to change the way you view things first, to develop the right mindset and above all, you have to believe you can become rich – if you enter this new arena frightened and insecure, you’d probably find yourself cursing the day you decided to leave the corporate world.

So yes, some preparations are in order.

But imagine this: when you truly believe in creating your own wealth and assets, when you're desperate for the freedom you'd get that way, do you think anything or anyone will be able to stop you from getting there?

After all… Did you know that barely 100 years ago, almost everyone had their own business – families creating their own income in one area or another?

No, we didn’t evolve to work 9-5 and we certainly weren’t meant to work for someone else.

Do you agree?