Yes, You Can REALLY Attract Luck, and Here's How

What if I told you that good fortune isn’t something that happens due to karma or sheer coincidence, but something that’s totally under your control?

Imagine luck was a muscle you could develop and grow.

Would you be willing to work on it?

OK, it’s not really a muscle, but a specific mental attitude that eventually brings about a self-fulfilling prophecy. And there’s nothing self-fulfilling about it either – this has been found after years and years of research on what’s behind the success of extremely lucky people.

And lucky for us, it can be mimicked!

Meet Fortune Half Way

(Before you frown on the idea that you still have to DO something, let me just remind you that you can either put some work into developing your “luck muscle” and be on a first name basis with Lady Luck, or leave it all to chance and keep hoping that someday, something, maybe…)

The book written by A.H.Z. Carr called How to Attract Good Luck and Make the Most of it in Daily Life gives us a ton of examples and strong reasons to believe that luck is actually a matter of attitude and behavior.

Carr talks about how luck can be cultivated and his “luck process” has 3 phases: attraction, recognition, and response.

Meaning, you first have to attune yourself to luck in order to attract it; then you have to keep your eyes and your mind open in order to recognize your opportunity and finally, you need to be ready to take action and jump on the opportunity when you recognize it.

When you think of it, I’m sure you can recall at least one occasion when you missed the opportunity to do something, the opportunity you maybe still regret. “If I could turn back time” – sounds familiar?

We make countless decisions every day and in many cases, we simply choose to ignore our intuition or we’re too afraid to try something new. That’s something that “lucky mindset” doesn’t tolerate.

The thing is, most of our luck comes through other people and through our own awareness of the relationships we build and opportunities we get. Taking an interest in the world and people around you will help you develop that awareness, but another crucial ingredient is to learn to listen to yourself and your intuition.

So this “work” you need to do really isn’t much:

  • Work on increasing your alertness – it will help you notice the little things that other people miss.
  • Don’t let your mind wonder off – develop a presence of mind, that way you’ll be able to adapt to any situation and to make the most out of it.
  • Be open and prepared for everything life throws your way. Fortune often comes through new people and experiences and you have to stop fearing them (this is my favorite point – sticking only to the people and situations we know, means that we stagnate and there’s not much chance of luck there).
  • Finally, focus on pursuing a specific purpose at a time and don’t spread yourself too thin in your efforts.

Accidental meetings can be our “luck channels”, so can casual conversations, even strangers – if we know how to properly “read” them. So work on strengthening these abilities so that you don’t miss or discount a crucial tidbit of information that can lead you to bigger and better things!