Become Telepathic Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations mp3 to train your mind to develop your telepathic ability and to start seeing and understanding others in an entirely new way.

Become Telepathic Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Did it ever happen to you to think about someone and then that person appears in front of you or calls you?
  • Have you ever felt that something has happened to a family member before they told you about it?
  • Do you want to develop this ability to communicate with others by the means of thoughts and to increase your perception of people and the world around you?

Telepathic ability isn't anything unnatural or supernatural. We all possess it, because we are all mutually connected on a level beyond what we can physically see and feel. The only difference between those who have developed this ability and you, is in that they have tapped into their personal power and learned how to use this ability to consciously connect with others.

They have accessed this specific type of mind power that most of us have neglected, but if you want, you can access it too and train your mind to become more in tune with people and the world around you!

Affirmations are one of the few natural ways to develop your psychic abilities including telepathy, as they work directly with your subconscious where these patterns of thinking are held. Our conscious mind will have trouble accessing them as it wasn't trained to do so, but our unconscious has the keys and affirmations can help you to unlock it.

What to Expect

This album will target the specific areas of your subconscious and help you to open your mind, expand your awareness and become more in tune with others by:

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This album can really change the way you perceive the world, so download it now and learn things about yourself and others that will give you more insights and wisdom that is otherwise inaccessible to any of us!

Present Tense

  • I am telepathic
  • My psychic powers are active
  • I feel other peoples emotions
  • I sense what others are thinking
  • My mind is focused and relaxed
  • My awareness is fully expanded
  • I am aligned to the universal consciousness
  • I perceive subtle forces
  • I am telepathically attuned to others
  • I read people’s energies

Future Tense

  • I will become telepathic
  • I will open my mind
  • My thoughts are becoming highly focused and serenely calm
  • My telepathic powers are growing
  • I am finding myself naturally tuned in to other's thoughts
  • Each day I am becoming more telepathic
  • My third eye is opening
  • I am developing a sixth sense
  • My awareness is expanding beyond my own self
  • I am starting to perceive what others are thinking

Natural Tense

  • Telepathy comes naturally to me
  • Telepathy is real
  • I can develop my telepathic powers
  • I believe 100% in my telepathic abilities
  • I can feel other peoples moods
  • Tapping into unseen forces is easy for me
  • My sixth sense is finely-tuned
  • I have a highly developed intuition
  • Telepathic powers are a normal part of my life
  • My mind is totally open to universal energy