Enhance Perception Skills Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations album to increase your awareness of what’s happening around you and to make sure that you don’t miss any opportunity in life.

Enhance Perception Skills Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Does it often happen to you that you simply don’t notice what’s going on around you?
  • Do you sometimes need your friends to tell you what happened at a party you were at and who was there, because your thoughts were elsewhere and you have missed almost everything?
  • Do you tend to recognize that something was an opportunity only when it’s gone?
  • Do you want to become more perceptive of your surroundings and to stop letting life pass you by?

Imagine if you weren’t as oblivious to the world around you as you are. Imagine what your life would be like if you had noticed all the opportunities when they presented themselves, instead of realizing that you could have done something big but you missed it. Imagine how much more informed you would be and how much more seriously people would start taking you if you paid more attention to detail and were able to read between the lines to comprehend what is occurring.

Increased perception means more power over your life and more involvement in the lives of others, it means that you’re not robbing yourself of the opportunity to react and take control.

If you want to change the way you perceive reality and react to it, then this album can help to increase your awareness of the detail of the world and people around you and to learn to “read” the connections between them.

Affirmations will work to stimulate your mind to become more attentive and alert and to improve your logical thinking. You already possess all the prerequisites, you just need to reprogram the way your mind deals with the information it receives from your senses.

What to Expect

Affirmations will support the change in the way your mind deals with the outer world information by:

This album isn’t only a way to improve yourself, it will also improve your relationships with people – as they notice that you’re more present and informed, you will be perceived as someone who is interested, well informed and focused. Promotions, better personal relationships, more business opportunities – you name it. It will literally improve all aspects of your life.

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Do you really want to miss out on this opportunity? Take action and download this album now, to change the way you perceive the world and to take advantage of everything life throws your way!

Present Tense

  • I am open to all ideas
  • I read between the lines
  • My mind has developed a new level of comprehension
  • I can break things down into means of understanding
  • I see the hidden motives behind ideas
  • I am perceptive and thoughtful
  • I have my own solid opinions
  • I trust my beliefs
  • I have a fresh insight on everything
  • I am able to read incentives rather well

Future Tense

  • I will stop accepting simply what’s given to me
  • I will welcome diverse ideas
  • I will analyze these ideas
  • I will utilize my own judgement
  • I will stop letting others tell me what to think
  • I will develop ideas for myself
  • I will have faith in the power of my mind
  • My perception will develop
  • I will enhance my perception
  • I will form a deeper understanding of life

Natural Tense

  • I naturally know what’s happening around me
  • I just listen to other opinions
  • People see me as an innovative thinker
  • I have great critical thinking skills
  • I cherish knowledge
  • I enjoy understanding what's going on around me
  • Learning new things something I do naturally
  • I am an intelligent individual
  • I use logical thinking to my advantage
  • I enjoy being comprehensive