Increase Psychic Powers Affirmations

Use this mind-expanding affirmations album to expand your awareness and fine-tune your mind for tapping into your natural psychic energy.

Increase Psychic Powers Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you sometimes feel things in your gut, about yourself or others, that later turn out to be true?
  • Have you been trying to control your psychic abilities, but without much success?
  • Do you want help with tapping into your psychic powers and increasing your intuition?

Everyone possesses psychic abilities – as someone once said, "we are all radio stations, some are just better at receiving messages than others." If you ever had a hunch that something might turn a certain way and it did, then you've experienced it first hand.

So it's only about becoming better at receiving the messages, about connecting with your higher self and learning to listen to your intuition.

However, most people need extra help with this as this is about bringing back to life a type of mind power we have neglected and that's why we have created this album with affirmations. The sentences on it have been carefully chosen to stimulate your subconscious mind to alter your mindset and allow you to transcend beyond the physical world.

What to Expect

This album works by:

While using this album, allow yourself to act on your 'gut feelings' – for example, if you get a sense to change something in your routine, follow it and see what happens. With regular use you will notice that you're getting more and more of these hunches and with practice, you'll be able to interpret them better.

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Take the first step to expanding your awareness – download this album now and increase your psychic powers naturally!

Present Tense

  • I am psychic
  • My mind is receptive to subtle energies
  • I am tuned-in to hidden cosmic forces
  • I am aligned with nature
  • I am highly receptive to psychic information
  • My psychic powers are strong
  • My sixth sense is activated
  • My mind is aligned with universal knowledge
  • I am extremely intuitive
  • My third eye is open

Future Tense

  • I will increase my psychic powers
  • I will open my third eye
  • My sixth sense is growing stronger
  • I am becoming more and more receptive to psychic information
  • I will perceive hidden knowledge
  • I am finding it easier to listen to my intuition
  • I will maintain contact with universal power
  • My psychic powers are growing stronger and stronger
  • My mind is becoming highly receptive to subtle energies
  • My awareness is expanding more and more

Natural Tense

  • I have a natural psychic ability
  • Psychic powers are normal for me
  • I can pick up on subtle energies
  • I am naturally receptive to psychic information
  • My intuition is naturally strong
  • I have a highly developed sixth sense
  • I can perceive things that others can’t
  • People are amazed at my psychic abilities
  • Universal energy and knowledge surround me
  • I can pick up on other peoples thoughts and emotions