Connect with Your Higher Self Affirmations

Make an accurate and stable connection with your higher self and tap into a limitless source of creativity and flawless guidance using this mind-enhancing affirmations mp3.

Connect with Your Higher Self Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you sometimes or often confused about your path and purpose in life?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your passion and joy in this life?
  • Do you have a feeling that you keep making the wrong choices?
  • Do you want to consciously reconnect with your higher self and to gain access to your life plan?

Your higher self, or your true self to be precise, is the inseparable part of you – it's always there and it always wants to communicate with you and to point you in the right direction. Still, most of us are so busy with our daily lives or so used to listening to our ego, that we can't hear our higher self.

If you sometimes or often feel disoriented in life, if you feel inferior to anyone or anything, if you're too caught up in the material world – then you're alienated from your higher self.

Because when you're in tune with it, there's nothing wrong in your life. Then you have the sense of purpose and you're making all the right steps, confident that you're on the right path.

If you need help reconnecting with your higher self, then this is the album for you. Affirmations can help you awaken that intuitive part of you that you've been blocking and align you with your deepest purpose, so that you have the right kind of guidance whenever you feel confused or overwhelmed.

What to Expect

This album works to:

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Present Tense

  • I am focused on finding the answers to my questions within me
  • I have complete faith in the guidance I receive from my higher self
  • I am in tune with the infinite wellspring of wisdom, grace and peace that resides within me
  • I am ignoring all disruptive thoughts and voices
  • I am always connected with the wise part of me
  • I am open to receive the messages my higher self wants me to hear
  • I know that my higher self loves me unconditionally and has my best interest in mind
  • I am effortlessly tuning into my highest truth
  • I am becoming more and more me
  • I am amazed by the insights and gifts I receive

Future Tense

  • I am going to practice connecting with my higher self each day
  • I will be open to receive the messages I receive and to accept them as my truth
  • I will completely trust the guidance I receive from my higher self
  • I will accept the happiness and joy my higher self wants to offer me
  • I am transforming into someone who is highly intuitive and deeply receptive
  • I am learning to let go of everything that no longer benefits me
  • I will appreciate and cherish my true essence
  • I will accept all the parts of me that I am now unaware of
  • I am going to dissolve all limitations placed on me by others and open myself to be who I really am
  • I will let myself be guided by the power I feel within me

Natural Tense

  • My higher self has all the answers I need
  • My thoughts are calm and my spirit is ready to connect with the infinite wisdom
  • There is a part of me that knows the way and I am now tuning in with it
  • My higher self knows me, believes in me and loves me unconditionally
  • Being connected with my higher self makes me feel able to move mountains
  • My life is getting better and better now that I am in tune with my true essence
  • I am naturally in tune with the source of infinite knowledge and abundance
  • The energy of my higher self is creating miracles in my life
  • The connection I have with my higher self is growing stronger each day
  • It is comforting to know that I am not alone