I Am a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

Deeply accept your spiritual nature and open yourself up to becoming the best version of yourself using this mind-transforming affirmations mp3.

I Am a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience CD Album Cover
  • Are you devoted to spiritual development but having trouble to go past the material world?
  • Do your five sensory organs prevent you from fully accessing your sixth sense?
  • Are you unhappy, depressed, anxious, disappointed? Is there any dark cloud over you?
  • Do you want a flawless way to access your spiritual nature and to make everything in your life just the way it should be?

Are you too limited by your idea about yourself and the world around you?

Every single religion in the world, every spiritual movement, they all say that we’re much more than this body and this life. Whether you believe in God and soul, or that you’re a physical manifestation of your higher self, there’s a spiritual dimension of you that you should nurture.

So why is your body image so important? Why does your financial or emotional state have so much power over your life, when they shouldn’t: if you’re primarily a spiritual being, then none of this should have any influence on you, apart from being simple learning experiences.

And yet these things influence you and don’t allow you to see who you really are and what you really want. Even when you’re a devoted student of spirituality, you still find yourself unable to cut through the clutter and follow your true path.

That’s why we have created this album: its main goal is to help you accept your spiritual nature on a core level and to overcome the shuffle of the human experience so that you can reconnect with your true self and find peace and joy in this existence.

What to Expect

Using this album will help you to:

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Present Tense

  • I am deeply aware of my spiritual nature
  • I am connected to the energy of the universe
  • I am embracing my purpose to recreate myself anew in the highest version of the grandest vision I ever had about myself
  • I am effortlessly overcoming all limitations that come with this physical body as I know that in my essence I am free and uninhibited
  • I am embracing both my physical and my spiritual nature as they are parts of who I am
  • I release the need to be perfect here as I am now here to learn
  • I am happy that I am able to remember who I am in spirit
  • I know that my essence is different than my body and that I merely live in a body
  • I am wonderful and I am free
  • I am now reclaiming my authority and my power

Future Tense

  • I am now committing myself to become the closest version of my spiritual self that I can ever be in this physical body
  • I am going to release the need to identify myself with my body and my present experience
  • I will embrace my spiritual nature
  • I am learning from every new experience
  • I will develop a happy and healthy relationship with life
  • I am transforming into someone who is always in touch with their true nature
  • I will accept serenity and peace which come from my true self
  • I will consciously shape myself and my life according to my own higher truth
  • I am getting better and better at differentiating myself from my ego
  • I am now remembering who I truly am

Natural Tense

  • My spiritual being is perfect and full of love
  • My purpose is joy and my way is love
  • My higher self knows no limits and I am now releasing all the limitations my ego has imposed to me
  • Love, joy and abundance come effortlessly to me because I am love, joy and abundance
  • The more I experience joy of my true existence, the less I am interested in experiencing suffering
  • People are affected and inspired by my happiness and serenity
  • Every situation I encounter is an opportunity for me to learn and grow
  • Today and every day I am choosing to live mindfully
  • My purpose is clear to me and I live my life according to it
  • My power comes from my authenticity and I am reclaiming it now