Empathize with People Affirmations

Use this affirmations mp3 to enhance your ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and dramatically improve all your relationships on the only level that counts – the level of mutual understanding.

Empathize with People Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do people sometimes call you insensitive or too self-absorbed?
  • Do you think that your relationships suffer from your inability to understand another person’s needs and feelings?
  • Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your romantic or business partners and to become better able to respond to their needs?

Empathy is a skill that not many people have heard of, but it’s one of the essential social skills which can unlock all others and help you to adopt them much more easily. It’s having a sense of how another person is feeling and experiencing life – nothing like mind reading, but simply “feeling” another person.

An empathetic person is better equipped to understand what’s troubling their partner and how to help them or to resolve a conflict; this skill is also very useful in business – when you understand the needs of a potential client or business partner, you can approach them in a way that they would respond to the best and it’s an invaluable skill to have if you’re in any kind of helping profession (coaching, counseling etc).

All of us have the ability to develop empathy towards other people – it’s already within us, it’s just a matter of getting it out to the surface and learning how to use it.

What to Expect

These affirmations will stimulate the areas of your mind that control empathy and help you to develop and perfect it so that you become able to:

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Present Tense

  • I can easily show empathy towards others
  • I am able to come up with things to say
  • I am good at understanding other people’s feelings
  • I am able to speak my mind whilst still being sensitive
  • I am good at seeing situations from other people’s point of view
  • I am good at empathizing
  • I am well known for my caring personality
  • I enjoy helping others
  • I can help people get through stressful times in their life
  • I have transformed into an empathetic person

Future Tense

  • I will be able to show more compassion
  • I will find it easier to help others
  • I will become more empathetic in the workplace
  • I will be able to see the good in everybody
  • My empathy improves every day
  • Others are beginning to see how caring I am
  • Every day I find it easier to empathize with people
  • I am learning to enjoy being empathetic
  • I will be able to help more people
  • I will remain calm if others are in a stressful situation

Natural Tense

  • I care about other people’s feelings
  • Showing more empathy will help me improve my life
  • I can easily put myself in other people’s shoes
  • My career will advance if I show more empathy
  • I am naturally able to sympathise with others
  • Showing empathy is easy
  • I can show the right amount of empathy in any situation
  • Others rely on me to be caring
  • Empathy comes naturally to me
  • People come to me for help in stressful situations