Stop Criticizing People Affirmations

Become a more positive person and improve your personal and business relationships using this transformational affirmations album.

Stop Criticizing People Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you tend to see only the bad things about someone and can’t resist to point them out?
  • Do others often tell you that you’re simply rude? Do you notice that people are avoiding your company because of this?
  • Are you tired of pretending that you like someone when the situation requires you to?
  • Do you want to stop criticizing others for the sake of criticizing and to be really constructive in your relationships?

The naysayers aren’t the most favorite company, you know that but you simply can’t help yourself – you see what you see and you feel that you just have to say it. However, constantly pointing out what someone did wrong or just criticizing the way they look is just counterproductive and it really does tell more about you than it does about others: it’s you whose attention is focused on the negatives, although there are so many positive sides to see.

So why do you choose to see only the bad ones?

Basically, your mind is wired in a certain way that makes you first notice the things that can be improved or the things you simply don’t like in others and you’re compelled to say it out loud. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but it certainly has an influence on how you are perceived.

Fortunately, you can train your mind to pay more attention to what’s good about others instead and it can become something that you naturally do, without your conscious involvement.

What to Expect

The affirmations work to create a new set of thinking patterns within your subconscious which will support your decision to stop criticizing others by:

This album will not only make people like you more, it will make you like you more and that will probably be the deepest and most important change it will bring to your life.

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Download this album now and change the way you see others and yourself – become a more supportive, optimistic and positive person who feels good about themselves and cares about others and who isn’t afraid to show it!

Present Tense

  • I do not see people’s flaws
  • I am good at encouraging other people
  • I am better at seeing people’s achievements than their failings
  • I can make people happy with my words
  • I wake up and feel positive
  • I am good at complimenting people
  • I find it easy not to criticize people
  • I naturally see the personality of a person rather than what they look like
  • I am able to smile more and feel happier
  • I can tell people when I am impressed at their achievements

Future Tense

  • I will begin to compliment people more
  • I will stop criticizing people
  • I will become a more positive person
  • I will become more sensitive towards other’s feelings
  • I am transforming into a better person
  • I will strive to help others rather than put them down
  • I am becoming more positive every day
  • Others will respect my opinion more
  • I will always find something nice to say
  • Other people will like my new personality and optimism

Natural Tense

  • Others see me as a nice, friendly person
  • I only see the best in people
  • People are happy in my presence
  • I am much happier when I do not criticize people
  • I enjoy telling people that they have done well
  • Being positive comes naturally to me
  • People will come to me for help
  • People look up to me as a role model
  • I improved my life when I stopped criticizing others
  • I find it easy to be positive