Make People Like You Affirmations

Develop a natural ability to make people like you and to make friends more easily using this transformational affirmations album.

Make People Like You Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you often have the feeling that people aren't that interested in you or in what you have to say?
  • Do you think that everything would be easier if people liked you more?
  • Do you care a lot about what others think of you?
  • Do you want to develop the mindset that will allow you to love yourself more and to make others like you better, as a result of the way your personality affects them?

When you like someone, chances are that you would grant them whatever they ask more easily, that you would like to spend your time with them and that you would even offer them a job or a business opportunity much rather than you'd do with someone you don't particularly like.

It's not just you, it's how mostly everyone functions, so it's only natural that all of us like to be liked by others – it makes us feel better about ourselves and it gives us the chance to win friends and influence people more than we'd be able to otherwise.

If you really want to inspire love and trust in others, you need to feel it inside you first - that you're a likeable, friendly and optimistic person. When you deeply believe it, you start radiating the kind of energy that people naturally respond to by wanting to befriend you.

Affirmations have the real power to alter your current set of self beliefs and behavior patterns: when you listen to them regularly, they enter your subconscious and “engrave“ in it the new, positive self-beliefs that will eventually make you completely adopt this new attitude as a way of living, as a natural part of you.

What to Expect

This album works in three ways:

This album will help you to develop the crucial personal and social skills that will draw people to you without you becoming a social butterfly – you will simply be radiating an energy that others will want to be close to and they will be naturally driven to like you without you making any effort.

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Affirmations will help you to make that simple but crucial switch in attitude that simply works in all social situations. Download the album now and make the process easy and enjoyable!

Present Tense

  • I am a popular and happy individual
  • I can easily make friends
  • I can make people happy just by being around them
  • I am good at making others smile
  • I am an optimist
  • I can choose my friends wisely
  • I feel good about myself and others can see this
  • I have a brilliant personality
  • I am the leader of my friendship group
  • I enjoy being with friends

Future Tense

  • I will make other people happy with my presence
  • Every day I become more popular
  • I am transforming into a well liked individual
  • I will learn to show my positivity by smiling more
  • Every day my self esteem increases
  • I will become a well rounded person
  • All parts of my social skills will develop further
  • I am becoming more popular
  • I find it easier to make friends every day
  • I will not judge others as much

Natural Tense

  • Other people love being around me
  • People gravitate towards me as I am so positive
  • I enjoy being the centre of attention
  • Other people respect me
  • I know I can make friends easily
  • Other people see how confident I am
  • I attract others with my personality
  • Making friends comes naturally to me
  • I enjoy sharing my personality with others
  • Having a good friendship group is important to me