Improve Social Skills Affirmations

Use this powerful affirmations album to improve your social skills and to take your social life to a whole other level.

Improve Social Skills Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you nervous around others, especially when you just meet someone?
  • Do you think others react strangely to what you’re saying?
  • Do you worry about what people will think of you, so much that you can become paralyzed into inaction or feel awkward and behave weirdly as a result?
  • Do you want to become comfortable around others and to make them enjoy your company?

Have you ever wondered how it is that you’re very comfortable and relaxed around people you know well and this confidence completely disappears when you’re not on familiar terrain?

This is because your mind has adopted a certain way of looking at the ‘strangers’ – they’re somehow a threat to you and you feel inferior to them, even when you know that there’s no real reason for that. Your subconscious mind has created the thought patterns that support that idea and with time, they have become your beliefs, something that’s just a part of who you are.

And that’s also how you can reverse the process and change your deep, subconscious beliefs about the ‘others’ and your value in relation to them – by creating a new set of thought patterns that will support this new belief!

To help you with that, we have made this album with affirmations which are carefully chosen to counteract your negative self-beliefs and to create new, positive ones. Affirmations on the recording sink into your subconscious and with regular use, create more constructive thought patterns that will ultimately help you to be socially relaxed and confident.

What to Expect

This album will:

This album has the real power to change your life: when you realize how good you can be in social situations, your confidence will only build up and you will be more and more skilled in it. Just imagine how people will react to this new, confident and charming person and what effects it can have on your romantic and professional life!

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Don’t wait any longer – download this album now to improve your social skills and build a the fulfilling relationships you seek!

Present Tense

  • I am confident when in social situations
  • My social skills are improving every day
  • I can speak confidently to anybody
  • I enjoy speaking to new people
  • I have naturally good social skills
  • I always speak clearly
  • I am able to deal with anything that anybody says to me
  • I always stand up for myself
  • I am relaxed when I speak to new people
  • I am outgoing

Future Tense

  • I will stay calm when speaking to people
  • I find it easy to be myself around others
  • Conversations are starting to feel more natural
  • I will improve my life
  • I will be taken seriously when I speak to people
  • My social skills will become more natural to me
  • I will take control of my life through my social skills
  • My voice will become stronger and more easily heard
  • I will be the first one to start small talk
  • Others will admire my social skills

Natural Tense

  • Every day I grow more confident in social situations
  • Social skills come naturally to me
  • People enjoy speaking to me
  • Others admire my ability to speak to new people
  • I enjoy being more confident and outgoing
  • People listen to me when I speak
  • Improving my social skills will change my life
  • My social skills make me stand out from the crowd
  • My career will benefit by improving my social skills
  • I can make and maintain eye contact when speaking to others