Stop Feeling Inferior Affirmations

Stop feeling trapped under other people’s superiority and start feeling good about yourself with the help of this transformational affirmations audio.

Stop Feeling Inferior Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you tend to do just about anything to keep your partner, friend or job?
  • Do you sometimes feel pressure to agree with someone or to support them although you’re not completely sure it’s right?
  • Do you want to stop feeling that you’re not as good as others and to be free to express yourself, living your life the way you’re supposed to?

Are you good enough? What do others think about you? Will they like you better if you did or said something to please or help them?

The insecurity never ends and the only question you fail to ask is the most important one: what do you think of these others? The reason you feel this way lays somewhere in your past – you were probably experiencing some sort of unrelenting criticism or putting down by others, destroying your self-esteem and making you believe that you’re not good enough and that you need someone else on your side to succeed.

Fortunately, confidence and self-esteem are attitudes that can be learned. No matter what your previous experiences are, you can train yourself to be more confident and to actually feel as good and as worthy as others.

This album can help you to adopt this mindset faster and with less effort. Affirmations serve to support your conscious decision to work on yourself and to improve. They’re not a magic pill, but with regular use you will notice that your mind is accepting them more and more and that the attitude of confidence and self-worth is becoming stronger within you, until eventually you become a naturally confident person who doesn’t need the approval of others to feel good!

What to Expect

This album will help you with:

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Download this powerful album now and shake off the feeling of inferiority – give yourself a chance to pursue your own dreams and not the dreams that someone else has imposed on you!

Present Tense

  • I am important
  • I am equal to my peers
  • I restrain from comparing myself to others
  • I am a strong, independent individual
  • I am unique
  • I have individual strengths
  • I am comfortable with my weaknesses
  • I overcome bursts of low self-esteem
  • I am resistant to outside influence
  • I am successful

Future Tense

  • I will stop feeling inferior
  • I will stop comparing myself to others
  • I will see my independent beauty
  • I am becoming more confident
  • I will smash through my personal boundaries
  • I will rise to success
  • I will develop accurate beliefs about myself
  • I will stop feeling like a lesser human being
  • I will find support in my friends and family
  • I will see myself for the great person I am

Natural Tense

  • I am naturally different than others
  • I appreciate my unique characteristics
  • I understand that differences are good
  • I have naturally high self-esteem
  • I just know my limitations can be exceeded
  • I am always able to ignore negative thoughts
  • I can overcome my own obstacles
  • I know I am important
  • I always believe in myself
  • I am my own person