Stop Talking to Yourself Affirmations

Use this unique affirmations audio to stop talking to yourself and thinking out loud and prevent any potentially unpleasant words to unwillingly come out of your mouth.

Stop Talking to Yourself Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you habitually talk to yourself out loud?
  • Do you notice that others think that your habit is a bit odd?
  • Do you fear that they might think you're crazy?
  • Do you want to learn to think inside yourself and to keep your thoughts in your head?

Although it isn't uncommon to speak your thoughts aloud to yourself – many people find that this helps them to formulate their thoughts better and to think more clearly – it may seem odd to other people. This habit can even sometimes hinder the relationships you were about to make, including romantic relationships, but also business relationships in the making because you can easily say out loud something that was meant for your ears only.

The fact that you know that you're not crazy means nothing to someone who just met you, so it's probably safest to learn to keep your thoughts to yourself. This also means that you'd be spared of any inconvenience that could come up from saying something inappropriate.

Fortunately, you can stop yourself from speaking your thoughts aloud: this is a habit you have developed over the years and just like any habit, this one can be broken by simply re-wiring your thought patterns. If you consciously want to stop talking to yourself, then it's only a matter of aligning your subconscious patterns and this affirmations album can help you with that!

Affirmations can significantly influence your subconscious thought patterns because they use the same process that your subconscious used to form the habit: repetition. The only difference is that the thoughts that your subconscious will now repeatedly be hearing and adopting are designed to support your desire to stop talking to yourself, instead of encouraging you to think out loud.

What to Expect

This album will help you in three main ways:

With time, you will develop an entirely new habit. You will learn to think inside yourself and it will come to you naturally, replacing the current impulse to speak a thought as soon as it appears inside your mind.

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Present Tense

  • I keep my thoughts in my head
  • I speak only when I want to
  • I am in control of my speech
  • I know how to think internally
  • I am aware of my thoughts at all times
  • I consciously monitor myself
  • I keep conversations in my head
  • I listen to myself when I’m thinking
  • I am free of talking to myself
  • I pay attention to what I do and say

Future Tense

  • I will stop talking to myself
  • I will hold my thoughts in my head
  • I will think internally
  • I am gaining more control over my thoughts
  • I will catch myself when I am talking to myself
  • I will pay attention to what I say
  • I will listen to what comes out of my mouth
  • I will stop feeling insecure about my thoughts
  • I will stop feeling the need to be heard
  • I will stop automatically talking to myself

Natural Tense

  • My personal awareness is sharp
  • I always keep my thoughts contained
  • I am dominant over my thoughts
  • I naturally know whether or not to speak
  • I am capable of keeping things to myself
  • I am aware of myself and all that I do
  • I overcome my natural urge to talk to myself
  • I am always well-focused
  • I am simply very self-aware
  • I naturally internalize my thoughts