Improve Communication Skills Affirmations

Learn how to effectively communicate with others and improve your interactions and relationships in all areas of life, using this powerful affirmations audio.

Improve Communication Skills Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you doubt your ability to effectively communicate with others?
  • Do you have trouble starting and holding conversations?
  • Do you want to stop questioning your way of expressing your opinion, to be able to get your message across more accurately and to dramatically improve your interactions with people.

The secret to being a successful communicator lays in two things: in your ability to stay focused on what you want to say and in your confidence. You can’t get your message across if it isn’t clear in your mind and you can’t do it, if you don’t think that what you’re saying is important.

It's as simple as that. However many people struggle with it, which makes their lives a bit more complicated than they need to be: they have trouble explaining to a coworker what they want from them or how to complete a certain task, they don’t dare to start a conversation with their significant other because they’re afraid that they won’t be heard or understood…

If you’re one of them, here’s the good news: you aren’t destined to stay a poor communicator!

It’s called “skills” for a reason, you can improve and become great at it if you’re willing to put in some practice and focus. This album was created to facilitate the process and to speed up the adoption of the thinking patterns you need to develop great communication skills, by sending a carefully chosen set of affirmations to your brain.

What to Expect

With time, these positive messages get “engraved” in your subconscious helping you to:

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Download this album to start training your communication skills now and make sure that you’re heard and understood every time - and especially when it matters!

Present Tense

  • I am an excellent communicator
  • I enjoy talking to other people
  • I am assertive and able to influence people
  • I can say no
  • I am outgoing and can speak to anybody
  • I believe my communication skills are strong
  • I am confident when I speak to others
  • I am a natural leader
  • I can express my opinions easily
  • I can remain calm when speaking to others

Future Tense

  • I will improve my communication skills
  • I will practise communicating more often
  • I will be more confident when speaking to others
  • Every day I become more confident in my communication skills
  • I will learn to enjoy my conversations
  • I will be more assertive
  • My communication skills get better every day
  • I will excel in my career because of my strong communication skills
  • I will find it easier to start conversations
  • My communication skills will get me out of difficult situations

Natural Tense

  • Others enjoy speaking to me
  • Communication skills are an important part of my life
  • Speaking to new people is easy
  • The more positive I am, the easier it will be to start conversations
  • My communication skills will improve my career
  • People listen to what I say
  • My strong communication skills will help me through job interviews
  • Others will start to notice how much better at communicating I have become
  • I am a natural communicator
  • My communication skills impress others