Become More Fun - With Affirmations!

Do you remember the movie “Terminator”? Arnold Schwarzenegger acts as a robot from the future who isn’t that much fun nor does he smile that often. He is all about the mission; but he eventually learns to be funny, even if he wasn't programmed for it.

And just like the Terminator portrays machines, adults nowadays have become just that – robots that are too focused on the worries of this life, that they have actually lost the primary meaning of living.

What happened to that child who used to laugh beyond the pitch of his or her voice, skip ropes, cycle all over the streets, play baseball, paint handprints...?

They died a while back when you decided to become an adult. You stopped feeding your inner child and buried them so deep inside that you can’t even hear their desperate cry.

Not to worry though, you can still resurrect them and bring them to the surface once more! He or she still exists somewhere in there waiting to make you the fun person you were always meant to be.

You don’t have to remain the same boring person everyone knows you to be.

Try and use affirmations for being fun

Thanks to psychological research and the power of positivity, you can now unlock your inner child using positive self-statements.

Using affirmations for being fun might sound and even feel weird if you’re not used to them. However, weird does not mean ineffective. The magic of these affirmations doesn’t just lie on the structure of the self-statement alone; it is also dependent on how you say these affirmations.

Take the following affirmation for example:

“I am a fun person”. Reciting that statement bluntly while staring at yourself in a mirror won’t help you that much. In fact, it would probably make you more aware of how boring you really are.

How do you expect to become a fun person by using boring techniques? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

Instead, try and add some flavor to your assurance statements. Rather than just saying you are a fun person, why don’t you create a melody from it? Sing it in the shower or when you are busy with some task. You could dance a little too. Although it may feel a bit childish, this would help you let loose and release some of that tension life is throwing at you.

If singing isn’t your strong suit, try incorporating affirmations in any talent that you have. For instance, if you love baking, you could make some affirmation cookies or dressing your cakes with self-statements. Imagine a cake with the words, “I am the funniest chef in the kitchen”. Not only would that cake make you feel fun, but also any other person eating that cake would think you are fun and just like that you’ll have attracted a bit of fun to your life energy.

What are you waiting for? Do it! Use some positive affirmations for fun and notice the difference.

Slow down!

If you reached a point and noticed that you are no longer fun, it means you are moving too fast for life. So, why don’t you take a knee for a second? In the military, soldiers do this to assess their current environment so that they can make better decisions.

You can use this to analyze your life. Re-evaluate your priorities. Life is not all about work. Everybody needs some time to revitalize and so do you!

Reports need to be written and milestones need to be met, but haven’t they always? You’ll never be fun if all you think about is work!

Go home and play with your kids for a change. Want to unleash your inner child? Let them teach you how! They are the source of fun in life. Participate in fun activities like swimming, bike riding and so on. Don’t say you don’t have time. Just review your priorities.

Tell yourself everyday how fun you are and how much more enjoyable you hope to become in the future as you enjoy the important things in life.

See what happens!