How I met my husband without the positive affirmations and why I advise all the single ladies to use them

I was desperate for love and lonely. Like so many women, I desired a true love and a family.

But I was attracting all the frogs while Prince Charming was nowhere to be found.

Knowing what I know now, I realize I was doing everything wrong. Yet, the Universe (God, the Force, whatever you wish to call it) helped me fulfill my dream in spite of me.

When my husband to be and I first met, I was recovering from a nasty break-up and looking for a flatmate. I had decided not to share a flat with a guy (ever again).

But, alas, I couldn’t find a girl.

As I couldn’t afford to pay the rent on my own, my decision loosened up.

I saw an ad, made a call. It all happened fast.

This guy came to see the room. And what do you figure happened next?

Was it love at first sight?

Did we live happily ever after since we set eyes on each other?

Did I think: “he is the one!“ the moment I saw him?

Sorry to disappoint you, but none of that happened.

He rented a room, all right, but I didn’t find him attractive at the time. Also, the possibility of a relationship with him didn’t even cross my mind.

Like I said, “no marriage material“ men had me under their spell back then.

But the Universe knew better.

We became friends. We shared the same values, shared similar interests and I became fond of him.

Yet, I was still obsessed with dating only handsome studs. Although, deep down I knew none of them could make a good partner or a father.

I was not helping myself. But I couldn’t help it.

Dating a 40-year-old “super cool“ hipster, whose dream was to succeed as an actor in Hollywood (he was a photographer at the time) and live on a ranch with 40 women who would give birth and raise his children was the final straw.

Could I see myself as one of these 40 women?


I cried.

I broke.

And then went to see a therapist.

It took a whole year of digging through my feelings, searching my soul and working through my issues before the feelings I had towards my-now-husband emerged to the surface.

In the meanwhile, he told me that he loved me and he waited. Thank God he was so patient.

In conclusion, after years of looking for a partner in wrong people, 6 months of living with my husband without realizing he and I were a perfect match and a year of psychotherapy, we finally started dating.

Now we’re married, have 2 kids and a bunny.

What’s all that have to do with the Law of Attraction and positive affirmations?

Now that I've learned about the Law of Attraction, I am confident everything would go smoother and easier had I recited the positive affirmations back then.

Instead of focusing on “finding the One,“ and beating myself up for alluring and falling in love with men who didn't like me or didn't want a family, I’d focus on developing my inner strength, doing the things that I love and reciting the affirmations daily, along with correcting all the other stuff I did wrong .

I believe the same person would have come into my life.

But he’d suffer less, waiting for me, not knowing if I would ever come to my senses. And so would I.

Also, we could have saved so much valuable time.

But I’m not talking in vain.

Some women had extraordinary experiences with attracting the partners they wanted:

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And this one is really crazy:

Now, when I first read about the Law of Attraction, I was very suspicious. I didn't believe reciting a few sentences to myself each day would make a difference. In anything.

Did I change my mind?

Well, I’m sharing this story with you, aren’t I? And I’m asking you to give the positive affirmations a go.

Reciting them regularly can bring so much love and joy into your life. Save you a lot of time, too.

And, if you’re honest, what do you really have to lose?