The 5 Things You Need to Do to Finally Find True Love

You've tried blind dates, online dating websites, all of your friends' tips and advice on how to find that one special person... You've even let your mom hook you up with her friend's son or daughter. And yet, you've failed so miserably that you came close to giving up.

But have you really exhausted all alternatives?

If you still believe there is that special someone for each and every one of us, you are absolutely right - there is! And this is what you need to do to finally find what you're looking for – true love.

Break Up With The Past

Let bygones be bygones. Like, really! Like, today! Why? Because unless you haven't learned the lesson you should have, there is no point in reliving the past. The stuff we've been through is what makes us who we are. The more we've experienced, the richer our souls and personalities are. That's all there is to it.

So, instead of crying over what you call the mistakes of the past, think of all the opportunities lying ahead. But first of all, know this - there are no mistakes. Instead of seeing mistakes, think of past actions as road signs to what you truly want or don't want.

Don't Romanticize Previous Partners

How many times have youe given yourself a hard time over a person you thought was just perfect, but somehow slipped through your fingers? Too many I can bet and now it is time to change it. If that person was the one for you, they'd still be there.

Do not romanticize your previous partners as you know perfectly well that they're pretty much imperfect. Build on that instead. Do not compare all new people you meet, against someone you loved and took to be the standard of what you want. Think of their imperfections, what makes them unique just as these qualities make you unique.

Ah, the Expectations...

We all have them, especially in matters of the heart. We want our partners or some crush we hope will become more than a crush, to treat us in a certain way, have certain manners, be loving, giving, the list is long.

But most of all, we want them to read our minds and know exactly how we feel and what we want. So, the question you want to ask yourself is: Do you want a real person with whom you can establish a great relationship, based on mutual acceptance and understanding or... something else?

Give Some and Then Give Some More

If you want a partner, a true partner for life , stop the fantasy. Start by thinking what you can give, what you can offer someone. Love is all about giving and sharing. It is the only thing in the world that grows by sharing and the more love you give, the more love you have.

Open the Door of True Love

Look at the people around you, your friends for example. What is it that you love about them that makes your friendship so dear and so lasting? Look for those qualities in prospective partners as well, as all the rest are just dreams from movies and magazines.

You will be far happier with a real person than this imaginary one who's had you trapped in useless fantasies, existing only in your mind for years.

The doors that lead to finding a true love lead right through your heart. So, leave them ajar and the light will let itself in.