Why is the law of attraction not working for me and how can I fix it

If you are keen enough on your book shelf, you’ll notice that there haven’t been that many self help books at any point in history than during the 21st century. Nowadays, these literature resources can be found pretty much in any bookstore. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes in particular brought out a great way on how practically anybody can achieve their dreams just by using mental energy – or laws of attraction.

It has worked out for some people whereas others, just like you, would say otherwise.

Well, you need to know that every problem has a solution!

So, before you give up and dispel the idea of laws of attraction, try and consider some of the points below.

Is it just wishful thinking?

That’s a question you might have asked yourself at some point when the laws of attraction didn’t seem to be working, right?

Well, the answer to that question is a straight NO!

In fact, thinking in such a manner creates doubt in your mind, which is totally contrary to what these laws are meant for.

You need to know that these principles are based on true belief. Any form of doubt towards your positive assurances will distort your mental magnetic energy and hinder you from achieving what you desire.

According to the Journal of Psychological science, courtesy of Dr. Joanne V. Wood, individuals with low self esteem tend to be more negative upon repetition of positive affirmations. On the other hand, high self-esteemed individuals seemed to become better and more positive with the same positive self- statements. Strangely, these same low esteemed individuals seemed to be happier when they spoke negative things about themselves. That right there is the power of the mind!

So, how come this was so?

People will always be comfortable and happier with what they believe is the truth!

That brings as to the million dollar question, what do you really believe? Telling yourself you are a rich person won’t just cut it if deep down your mind is constantly reminding you the debts and bills you need to pay.

If those affirmations you tell yourself aren’t truly what you believe, then don’t expect them to work for you. From now henceforth, just speak and recite what you’d really want to be true about you!

Visualize and actualize

One reason the laws of attraction might not be working is probably because you are not working towards them. Now that you have overcome wishful thinking by actually believing who you are and what you desire to acquire, work towards that.

For instance, if you tell yourself you are wealthy person owning a couple of businesses with a sick Maseratti parked outside a 5 storey building you bought the other day , start thinking hard and smart on how you plan to get there. How will you get that kind of money to begin with? What steps are you putting in place to start your business? Will you leave your current job? How?

As you keep asking yourself such questions, your mind will slowly open up to more and better options that you can work along.

You are probably too general

“I am the greatest person in the world”, “Everybody loves me”, “I am the coolest person ever”, and so on.

All those are examples of how most self-statements look like. They all have one thing in common. They are just too general.

Who really is the greatest person in the world? Who is loved by everyone? You know the answer to that, don’t you? Absolutely no one!

So, how can it be you?

As much as positive affirmations are meant to boost our esteem and direct us towards our goals, they need to be realistic and achievable.

Instead of being so general with your statements, try and be a little bit more specific. For example, rather than saying that “everybody loves me”, why don’t you say “my parents love me and I’m grateful for that”. Such a statement not only brings about positivity,s but it is also true and will enable you to attract more people to share that love with in your life.

If the laws of attraction seem not to be working, add a little more specificity into your affirmations. See what happens!