Awaken Your Money Power

Are you tired of constantly struggling to make more money? Can you even imagine what it would be like to enjoy financial abundance and not to worry about money ever again?

There are people who already live this way – without giving it much thought, they are attracting money into their lives, naturally and effortlessly. Do you want to join them?

It IS possible - even probable - but let's discuss something else first.

Does any of this sound familiar (even a little bit, somewhere in the back of your head):

If any – ANY – of these statements resonated with you, then it's time for a wake-up call: it's you who are preventing yourself from becoming rich. But it's also you who can turn it around!

No, it is not your fault – it's just what you were raised to believe.

All of us have some sort of mental blocks, beliefs that limit our perception and therefore prevent us from aiming higher. To illustrate this: think for a moment, right now, about how much money you would like to earn in the next year.

You have put a number on it, right? But why did you limit yourself to that number, why didn't you think of a higher figure?

It's simple: because the figure you have chosen is based on what you believe is possible, normal and acceptable to you. It's defined by your beliefs and your previous life experience, by what your parents have been telling you, by what you've seen around you during your life...

If you're unaware of your limiting beliefs (this was just one example – they come in various forms), then you probably won't be able to move past them: the wealth you're dreaming of will stay out of your reach simply because you believe it's out of your reach and the worse part is, that you won't even know it!

And yet, it's really a simple thing: some people have the mindset which doesn't limit their options – they think of money as something natural, something achievable and unlimited, so there are no barriers between the wealth they want and the wealth they have or can acquire.

They don't think much about it. They just act and go after what they want, without limiting or sabotaging themselves. And they become rich and stay rich because they feel like being rich is their natural state!

Fortunately, the mindset isn't something set in stone - it changes depending on what we feed our mind with, which means that you can change your financial situation simply by changing the messages your mind will receive!

And now you have at your fingertips the simplest way to modify your current money mindset!

In order to change your outer circumstances, you first have to help your mind make the inner shift that will allow you to see and act beyond what you’re currently allowing yourself. And the only way to make that shift is to start habitually thinking about abundance and success and to create an open minded attitude towards wealth creation.

Your parents haven’t taught you to think like this, but you can teach yourself with the help of our “Awaken Your Money Power” collection of positive affirmations, designed to help you move past the suggestions you’ve been receiving from your environment.

Living from paycheck to paycheck, juggling your credit cards and wishing you had more – you’re not sentenced to this just because everyone else lives like that!

You now have the possibility to start feeding your mind with different ideas and to use this positive and supporting mindset to change your financial future. When you start listening to these albums, you will practically bombard your mind with a whole new perspective which will gradually rewrite your limiting beliefs and open you up to an entirely new world, the world of abundance, where everything is possible and within your reach.

And what will this mindset shift look like exactly?

These are all common beliefs and traits of those who aren’t afraid to go after wealth and success – and with the help of this collection of positive affirmations, you can acquire them too, as painlessly and effortlessly as possible.

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These 6 albums, if bought individually, would normally cost $89.82, but now the entire collection is available at a HUGE 50% discount - you can have them for only $44.91 (mp3s) or $59.91 (CDs)!

The power to change your financial future is in your hands and there is not a single reason to put it on hold!

Remember, nothing is going to change in your life if you don't do something different and the most natural place to start is to change your beliefs, your way of looking at money and of your ability to make it in quantities...

So download the “Awaken Your Money Power” collection and allow money to just flow into your life, naturally and effortlessly!

These 6 albums, if bought individually, would normally cost $89.82, but now the entire collection is available at a HUGE 50% discount - you can have them for only $44.91 (mp3s) or $59.91 (CDs)!