Save Money Affirmations

Become the kind of person who naturally saves money and has control over their finances with the help of this powerful affirmations mp3.

Save Money Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you often spend money when you know you shouldn’t?
  • Do you have more financial obligations than you can manage, although you know that many of them are unnecessary?
  • Do you keep losing track of your financial plan?
  • Do you want to become more responsible with money and to learn how to control your impulse to spend more than you should?

When you talk with your friends and relatives, do you secretly envy them for having some savings, no matter how big or small?

Some people naturally have the discipline to save money, which can be very useful in some unexpected situations and allows them to travel more or to buy some more expensive things without getting in debt. You on the other hand, you can’t even think about that because you’re constantly struggling to manage your current debts and to make ends meet.

It’s stressful, it’s irresponsible - and it’s time to change that.

What’s causing you to spend more than you earn is a certain pattern of thinking that you’re accustomed to. Although you know that you should be more disciplined, you often give in to the urge to buy, even when you know you shouldn’t and even if you’re aware that this expense is completely unnecessary.

This pattern is so well established in your mind that even when you try to control your impulses, you somehow end up spending the money you didn’t want to spend. Then you make excuses for your behavior along the lines of “It was stronger than me, I just couldn’t help it.”

Only, you could - and you can!

This album with affirmations was designed precisely to help you with eliminating these dysfunctional thought patterns and establishing new, productive ones. The statements it contains are targeting the root of your urge to spend, making it less influential and eventually completely eliminating it from your mind.

At the same time the affirmations are working to make you more aware of the overall situation of your finances, so that you get less and less tempted to give in to the immediate want.

What to Expect

As you continuously listen to this album you will notice that:

This album works to produce lasting changes to the way you manage your finances, as well as to be an immediate aid at the beginning, when the impulse to spend can still be very strong.

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Download this album now and start making a real effort to change your bad financial habits and become someone who is always in control of their money!

Present Tense

  • I am good at saving money
  • I am smart with my money
  • I am dedicated to saving money
  • I always find ways to save money
  • I am in total control of my finances
  • I closely track my spending habits
  • I successfully plan my finances and always have left over money to save
  • I am capable of consistently saving money
  • I am highly disciplined with my money and never spend it impulsively
  • I am constantly growing my savings account

Future Tense

  • I will save my money
  • My savings account is beginning to grow
  • I am finding it easier to control my spending habits
  • I am transforming into someone who easily manages their finances
  • I am developing a positive attitude towards money
  • Each day it becomes easier to save money
  • I am becoming highly focused on being smart with my money
  • I am transforming into someone who makes healthy spending decisions
  • I am developing rock solid financial discipline
  • I will always find a way to save money

Natural Tense

  • I find it easy to save money
  • Saving money is something I enjoy
  • Proper money management is making it easier to save money
  • Being smart with my finances comes naturally to me
  • I am just naturally good at controlling my finances and saving money
  • Saving money feels good
  • Being financially responsible is very important to me
  • People look up to me as someone who is smart with money
  • Saving money seems effortless
  • Being in control of my money is making my life better