Wakeboarding Skills Affirmations

Use this unique affirmations album to develop the powerful mindset of a true wakeboarding champion and take your skills to the level you aspire.

Wakeboarding Skills Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Is your anxiety getting in your way of reaching your wakeboarding goals?
  • Are you easily distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on the water?
  • Is your skill level stuck on a certain plateau and not budging?
  • Do you dream of having the courage and tenacity to tackle the most daring tricks with the ease and confidence of a pro rider?

Combining skills and techniques required for water skiing, snowboarding and surfing, wakeboarding is a fast, exhilarating high endurance test of strength and agility and you need to come prepared! Besides having an excellent level of fitness, flexibility and coordination, wakeboarders have to possess the mental concentration required to make quick responses in reaction to the ever-changing energy of the wake beneath their feet.

To be a standout rider you have to be capable of holding firm control of your thought processes and remain calm and relaxed regardless of the circumstances around you. As you gain speed and momentum towards the wake, you have to be able to disregard all distractions and focus on launching yourself high in the air and smoothly executing the next trick.

This requires a incredible mental strength and an iron-clad concentration.

Do you wish to be able to ride the big wakes, with the wind in your face and the spray at your feet and perform cool jumps with absolute confidence in yourself and your wakeboarding abilities? This affirmations album will help you do just that!

It is especially dedicated to help riders acquire the mental techniques needed to confront their fears and doubts and ignoring all obstacles, keep exploring their potential. Whether you are a beginner or competing in the professional tournaments, these simple yet powerful statements, will re-energize your drive and invigorate your efforts to excel.

They will empower you to maintain your concentration and keep your composure under pressure so that you can take your wakeboarding skills to a level you never imagined possible.

What to Expect

With a new, strong mindset you will be able to define your wakeboarding goals and feel driven to follow the course to reach them. Keep listening to it and soon you will find that:

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Present Tense

  • I am a great wakeboarder
  • I love wakeboarding
  • I am confident out on the water
  • I hit all of the inside turns
  • Being on the water is fun for me
  • My transitions are smooth
  • My deepwater start is perfect
  • I know how to focus my eyes when I’m on the board
  • I am conscious of my body movements on the board
  • I give wakeboarding all of my efforts

Future Tense

  • I will pick up tricks more efficiently
  • I will land more tricks on my blindside
  • I am becoming more focused on the water
  • I will always be encouraged to get back on the water
  • Wakeboarding will become a priority for me
  • I will keep high goals for myself
  • My balance is improving
  • I am growing in skill every time I go on my wakeboard
  • My basic skills are developing into more advanced tricks
  • I am enhancing my talent with every practice

Natural Tense

  • I feel confident on my board
  • Wakeboarding is my natural rite
  • I’m comfortable with myself on the water
  • Balancing on my board comes naturally to me
  • Everything makes sense when I’m wakeboarding
  • I consistently pick up tricks with ease
  • Being a talented wakeboarder is important to me
  • Wakeboarding is a positive thing in my life
  • I am naturally myself on the water
  • I am meant to wakeboard