Mountain Biking Affirmations

Gain the mental toughness you need to improve your mountain biking performance and reach your maximum potential, with the help of this powerful affirmations album

Mountain Biking Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are anxiety and fear preventing you from taking on new challenges?
  • Are you disappointed with the speed of your progress?
  • Are you easily distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on the trail?
  • Do you wish you could have a winning mindset, laser-like focus and supreme self-confidence of the top mountain bikers you admire?

Mountain biking is a very demanding sport and requires a combination of total fitness, endurance and a great sense of balance. Riders dedicate a lot of time and effort to develop their physical strength and stamina but often neglect the fact that mountain biking is also extremely mentally challenging.

All professional bikers agree that the right mindset is just as important as physical fitness in pushing for a peak performance. If you are looking to kick your riding up a gear and speed up your progression then you need to start working on your mental strength.

Top riders have supreme self-confidence and unwavering focus, that enables them to fearlessly tackle rough terrains and rush down steep descents with perfect precision and control. They possess incredible mental powers to persevere in the face of failure and riding over all obstacles in their path, concentrate on reaching their set goals and taking their skills one step further.

Affirmations can give you all the tools you need to develop a mindset of a pro mountain biker and ride to your true potential!

They will reprogram your mind to deflect negative thoughts that lead you to lose confidence in your abilities and empower you to maintain razor-sharp concentration when it counts the most.

No matter whether you are just a biking enthusiast or competing in the professional race circuit, affirmations will give you that extra edge you need to excel in this sport you love so much. Practicing affirmations will boost your confidence and drive to take your performance past self-imposed limits and on to the level you always dreamed of.

What to Expect

Gain a strong and resilient mindset with the help of our simple, yet highly effective affirmations. Practice them regularly and you will soon be able to:

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Present Tense

  • I am a strong Mountain Bike rider
  • I perform every time I hit a trail
  • I am confident in my ability to ride
  • Mountain Biking is my passion
  • I have a great understanding of my bike
  • My technical skills are brilliant
  • Every ride is a new challenge I will beat
  • I love riding my Mountain Bike
  • Hills and headwinds are my personal trainers
  • I and my mountain bike work together like a well-oiled machine

Future Tense

  • I will perform well on my Mountain Bike
  • I will increase my performance levels
  • I will increase my stamina and fitness on the bike
  • I will welcome new challenges and seek to complete them
  • I will develop my Mountain Biking skills
  • I will seek advice and guidance from other riders
  • I will interact with others from the Mountain Bike community
  • I will try out new trails and routes
  • I will sustain full concentration when Mountain Biking
  • I will respect the dangers the sport poses and seek to remain safe when riding

Natural Tense

  • I am extremely proud of what I have achieved
  • I have an incredible knowledge of the sport
  • Mountain Biking is a huge part of my life
  • My coordination is incredible
  • I have a natural understanding of different terrains
  • I naturally know how to balance on my Mountain Bike
  • I have a raw talent for Mountain Biking
  • I was born to Mountain Bike
  • I know how to push myself to the limit
  • I know when my body needs to rest