Push Through Failure Affirmations

Learn how to deal with failure, how to pick up quickly and keep on going after you want with the help of this powerful affirmations audio.

Push Through Failure Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you fear failure?
  • Are you unable to pick yourself up for days and weeks, even months, when you fail in something that’s really important to you?
  • Are you in that state right now?
  • Do you need help with moving on and picking up your life where you left it?

Everyone fails at some point in their life; if you want to do anything in life you have to expect failure and expect it often. Some people do, they’re prepared for the possibility that something could go wrong and when it happens they just accept it and move on.

Other people - and you may be in that group - don’t know how to do that. They get attached to the positive outcome and when it doesn’t happen, it affects them on a deeper level. They become stuck and can’t get out of it. Depression sneaks in as they obsess over what went wrong , why it happened, what it would be like if the outcome was different…

If this is where you are, you have to put an end to this self-sabotaging behavior - now, before it gets even worse.

To help you with it, we have made this affirmations album containing positive statements that will help you to put yourself together and push through failure. Listening to these statements will allow you to affirm your willingness to make it through no matter what: instead of staying attached to what happened and what might have happened, they will focus your thoughts on what’s in front of you so that you can move on with your life.

What to Expect

This album will help you to:

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Let’s meet on the other side of failure - download this album now and start working your way through it and regroup for the new challenges and new achievements waiting for you!

Present Tense

  • I am able to push through failure
  • I am an action taker
  • I am fearless of failure
  • I am persistent
  • I am able to learn from my failures
  • I am able to keep on going no matter what
  • I find it easy to push through failure
  • I naturally keep on going until I’ve got what I want
  • I just naturally go after what I want
  • I find it easy to push through failure

Future Tense

  • I am becoming more persistent
  • I am finding myself more fearless of failure by the day
  • I am becoming more focused and driven
  • I will find a way to succeed
  • I am turning into someone who pushes through failure and keeps on going until I’ve succeeded
  • I am turning into an action taker
  • I will push through failure
  • I am turning into someone who keeps on going no matter what
  • I will keep going until I’ve gotten what I want
  • I will let go of my past failures

Natural Tense

  • Failure is something I am fearless of
  • I find pushing through failure easy
  • Being persistent is the most natural thing in the world
  • I find it easy to overcome any setbacks
  • My past is in my past and I have fully let go of any of my past failures
  • I always succeed
  • Being persistent and not letting setbacks get the better of me comes naturally to me
  • Taking action is all I ever do
  • People respect me for my extreme level of persistence
  • I keep on going because I believe in myself