Rock Solid Willpower Affirmations

Use these powerful affirmations to gain control over your will and accomplish each and every one of your personal or business goals.

Rock Solid Willpower Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Do you lack the inner strength to change your bad habits?
  • Do you often find yourself taking the easy way out?
  • Do you beat yourself up when you decide to do something that’s comfortable when you should have done something that’s important?
  • Do you want to be able to control your actions and to do the things you have to do - every time?

Some people seem to have a natural ability to stay focused on their goal and to pursue it no matter what - be it eating right, exercising regularly, avoiding drugs and alcohol, saving for retirement, finishing their work tasks on time…

Others just can’t do that. They would rather find an excuse or take the path of least resistance when faced with something they don’t really want to do.

If you’re one of these people then you know how much your life suffers from your lack of willpower: things rarely get done in time (or at all), your bad habits persist and you enter the enchanted circle of beating yourself up for not being able to deliver what you have promised to yourself or to someone else. If you let it be, it will only get worse - your feeling of guilt makes you even less motivated to do what you should do and then you feel even more guilt…

But that can end and it can end now.

You can take charge of your will if you decide that you really want to and this unique affirmations album can help you with that. Its regular use will enable you to stay firm when you have to, to control your urge to do what’s comfortable and to complete the tasks you have started.

These affirmations are a simple aid, but a very powerful one: they will help you to override the negative self-talk that makes you more prone to giving in to your momentary urges and to establish another kind of self-talk that will allow you to take control of yourself.

What to Expect

With regular use, this album will help you to:

After a few weeks, when the affirmations have sunk into your subconscious and make a real impact in the way you think about your plans and duties, you will notice that you need less and less energy to maintain the willpower - it will gradually become a natural part of you.

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Download this album today and stop letting the circumstances or your own sabotaging impulses direct your life - start taking control of your will and create a life you’ve always wanted!

Present Tense

  • I am someone who takes responsibility for their actions
  • I am motivated at all times to do what I’m supposed to do
  • I am 100% dedicated to succeeding
  • I am in complete control of myself
  • I have an iron will
  • I am disciplined
  • I find it easy to do what I’m supposed to do
  • I can easily control my actions
  • I just naturally never give up
  • I always keep on going no matter how hard things get

Future Tense

  • I am becoming more disciplined each day
  • I will become someone who takes responsibility for their actions
  • Every single day I am becoming more in control over my actions
  • I am turning into someone who is hard working
  • I will become someone that others see as in control of themselves
  • I am becoming someone who always takes action
  • I will become someone who follows through
  • I am turning into someone who sets goals and achieves them
  • I will only do the things I am supposed to do
  • I am turning into someone who never gives up

Natural Tense

  • Self-control comes easily to me
  • I find completing things easy
  • Being in control of my actions is the most natural thing in the world
  • Being a success is my natural rite
  • Completing the tasks I have started is just something I naturally do
  • Doing only the things I’m supposed to do has always been something I have done
  • Taking control of my self-has given me nothing but success
  • Others see me as someone who is hard working and focused
  • I can easily tap into my willpower
  • Having control over my impulses is effortless