Increase Determination Affirmations

Become more determined to pursue your goals and achieve success with the help of this powerful affirmations album.

Increase Determination Affirmations CD Album Cover
  • Are you often unable to make firm decisions?
  • Do you constantly change your mind and let others direct your choices?
  • Do you need extra help to stick to your decisions and to confidently pursue your goals in life?

Have you noticed how people look up to those who are determined to achieve what they set their minds to and how they seem to be unstoppable when they pursue their passion? It’s because they are: once they make up their mind about something, almost nothing in the world could stop them from getting where they’re headed.

And you, you’re constantly moving in circles, making a decision and then changing your mind. Someone said something or something happened to make you question your choice and you decided that it wasn’t the right one. Only later it often shows that it was the right choice - but then it’s too late and you regret not being firm when you should have been.

Do you think your life would be any different if you were more like those people who never question their choices once they make them and who pursue their goals no matter what?

The difference between you and them is in the way you perceive your own capability of making the right judgments: you don’t believe in yourself enough to stay confident that your choice was right, you are prone to questioning your process and deep down you believe that others know better, so you often let them influence your judgment.

It’s not their fault, you’re the one allowing it.

This thought pattern, however, is something you can change and this affirmations album is designed to help you with it. Positive statements recorded on it will counteract your negative self-talk and act to boost your motivation and drive in order for you to become more determined and decisive. As you listen to them, they will gradually sink in and your mind will start re-wiring your thought patterns, deleting the negative ones and strengthening the new, positive ones.

What to Expect

This album is designed to:

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Regain confidence in your decision making and start working your way to success. Download this album now to enhance your ambition and become unstoppable in pursuing your life goals!

Present Tense

  • I am determined
  • I am set to accomplishing my goals
  • My goals are achievable
  • I reach for the stars
  • I am focused
  • I am strong-willed
  • I have an unwavering passion for my goals
  • I am intent on being successful
  • I have a strong belief in myself
  • I am persistent and reliable

Future Tense

  • I will stop giving up
  • I will stop limiting myself
  • I will flourish in everything that I set out to do
  • I will keep my eyes on the prize
  • My opportunities will be endless
  • I will overcome discouragement
  • I will rise above negativity
  • I will try my hardest
  • I will go the extra mile
  • I will succeed in life

Natural Tense

  • I have faultless determination
  • I naturally set high standards for myself
  • I follow through with my goals
  • I simply give it my all
  • I always give 100%
  • I naturally use my strengths to my advantage
  • I am always concentrated on my goals
  • I simply ignore all of my urges to quit
  • I am sharp and consistent
  • I let nothing get in my way